Friday, 13 April 2012

Defying Gravity by Barrett

Special Agent Zeke Cabot is back. She has been spending time in new Mexico trying desperately to rid herself of the awful effects of PTSD. If Zeke can’t get over the trauma she’s suffered, it could well mean the end of her career and the end of her relationship with the beautiful and alluring Anne Reynolds.

Anne Reynolds is excited about her new relationship with Zeke. Zeke is the first woman Anne has ever been with. But Anne has some doubts of her own about their relationship.

Zeke has to return to Chicago in order to close the case she’s been working on. She can’t get Anne out of her mind and misses her badly.

Will Zeke be able to fight her demons in order to save herself, her job and her relationship? In fact, are either Zeke or Anne ready to trust again in order to pursue their fledgling relationship?

Zeke has limited time left of her sick leave to sort through what she is able and ready to do. Will she be ready to move on?

Will Anne be able to cope with Zeke’s flashbacks and trauma? Can Anne let go of the fact that she is a medical professional and just be there to support Zeke as her lover?

This book was much awaited after the cliff-hanger in book one of the Damaged Series.

Barrett has done an excellent job of writing about the effects of PTSD and the consequences for not only the sufferer, but their loved ones and friends. I’ve seen first hand the aftermath of an event triggering PTSD and in my opinion, Barrett has accurately portrayed it.

The romance between Zeke and Anne was well written and paced out nicely. Not too fast or too slow. They are suited to one another.

I loved the scenic descriptions, it’s made me want to visit New Mexico. A great enhancement to the book.

However, the actual story involving the perpetrators from book one barely progressed at all. Let alone becoming any where near to being resolved. I realize we have more books to come in the series, so maybe I’m just being impatient.

I’ll wait impatiently now for book three.

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