Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hidden Desires by TJ Vertigo

Cayden Riley has given up on dating. Several dates causing varying degrees of disaster, mainly arranged by her best friend Jodie and roommate Wade have made up her mind for her. No More. Enough is enough. Cayden isn’t a people person, she’s a bit moody and eccentric. The one great enjoyment in her life is working at her business, pet boutique, Fuzzy Belly Deli.

Brooke Hewitt is living with her controlling boyfriend Grant. She thinks she’s happy with their relationship, right up until the day she walks into the Fuzzy Belly Deli with her little dog Fred. As soon as her eyes meet Cayden’s, she’s a goner. After Brooke leaves the store, she can’t stop thinking and dreaming about Cayden. Brooke has always thought she was straight, her thoughts however are telling her something else entirely. So begins a lot of planning for Brooke to be able to meet Cayden again.

This one chance encounter is going to change the lives of both women forever.

This beautifully written romance is an extremely hot and erotic page turner from beginning to end. Unlike a lot of romances with lots of hot sex scenes, this book actually has a wonderful story running throughout. A story of sexual awakening, awareness, hope and change. The humor throughout is the laugh out loud sort. These characters are truly a laugh a minute.

Cayden and Brooke, the two main characters don’t quite get on well together to begin with. This is where help from Cayden’s best friend Jodie and roommate, the flamboyant and gay Wade comes in. Cayden has to be educated. Throw in Brooke’s parents, dad Bert and overbearing mother Harriet and you almost have a riot to contend with. Long suffering Bert was easy to get to know. Harriet, I could have strangled. It all added to the fun though.

Throughout the book I could see the way Cayden was gradually changing her way of thinking. It’s really amazing to see how people can go from arguing one moment to being friends and more the next. I can speak from my own experience, that this is very often the case. The way TJ Vertigo portrayed Cayden and Brooke’s interactions at the beginning of the book was very true to life.

The interactions between all the characters was like watching a carefully synchronized play. Each character is fully formed, multidimensional and plays his or her part to perfection.

Although this book is fairly long, I still hadn’t had enough and wanted more. I’d love to know what happens next for Cayden and Brooke, also Jodie and Wade. Oh, I nearly forgot, La La Bird, Wade’s cat. A true character in his own right.

Another book added into my favorites folder to be read time and again.


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