Sunday, 1 September 2013

Reality Dawn by Kate Genet

Episode One of the Reality Dawn Series

Reality Dawn travels between dimensions as a Reality Worker. Her job is to ensure no unauthorized doors between the dimensions are left open. This happens a lot, although most people aren’t aware of it. Passages between one earth to another parallel earth open up with dire consequences.

Reality Dawn enjoys her job and likes to have company on her journeys. Being alone all the time doesn’t please her.

When Rae’s sister in law, Morgan, disappears suddenly without a trace from the family farm, Reality Dawn turns up, seemingly from nowhere and offers her services.

Rae is quite taken aback by Reality Dawn. She’s a rather weird woman with a love for tea and biscuits. When Reality Dawn asks Rae to keep her company on her journey to find Morgan, Rae has no qualms about joining her. She would do anything to rescue Morgan and bring her home safely to her wife and child.

This is the first of a new series and it’s off to a flying start.

Kate Genet always writes books that are so vastly different, I never know what to expect. This series is no exception and as always, I was enthralled and hooked from the first page.

The main characters, Reality Dawn and Rae are both multidimensional and are characters that are easy to get to know.

This book is a mixture of sci/fi and fantasy in the vein of Dr Who, a very long running British TV program, but with lesbians as the main leads. I loved the story, meeting the witch in her sponge house was amazing.

I have the second and third parts of the series to read and I’m looking forward to seeing which direction it will go in.


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