Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Walk Into Darkness by Jade Winters

Detective Sergeant Ashley McCoy’s latest case isn’t going to be easy to solve. Twenty five years previously a young girl went missing in South East England. Almost everyone had given up any hope of solving the mystery of her sudden disappearance. Her family had never given up wanting the closure they were so desperate for though.

When psychic Aaron Davies has a vivid vision of a murder, the cold case of the ‘woodlands killer’ is re-opened and given to Ashley and her team to delve in to.

As Ashley and her work partner Dale begin their investigation, more questions than answers are thrown up.

During the investigation, Ashley meets Tasha through the dog walking agency she contacts to walk her dog, Muffin. Both women are attracted to one another, but struggle against their feelings. Tasha has family commitments that she feels obligated to fulfil. She can’t set herself or Olivia up for the heartbreak of leaving Ashley in the near future. Both women feel that their love could be the real deal. Is there any way for Tasha to stay in England? What will they both decide? The decision may well be taken out of their hands entirely by circumstances beyond their control.

This well written mystery, murder, intrigue, romance had me totally hooked from the very first page through to the last page. To say it is a page turner is an understatement. I couldn’t get through the book fast enough to find out how it ended.

I knew Jade Winters was a talented writer from reading some of her short stories. But, she has really excelled herself in penning this full length book that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

This is the first in a series with Ashley McCoy and it’s off to a flying start. The next book can’t be published soon enough.

Ashley McCoy is a well formed and rounded character. She has her faults like anyone else. When she meets Tasha, it is very apparent they are made for one another. But nothing in life and love is simple. Whether they get together or whether they don’t is secondary to the murder mystery. The romance is gently interwoven between the on-going investigation. The balance between both is perfect.

I liked the minor characters too. Dale, Ashley’s work partner and Ashley’s family all integrate into the story enabling it to trickle along in between the gruesome findings.

There is plenty of intrigue and romance to satisfy both mystery and romance lovers.

I’ll be looking out for more from Jade Winters, hopefully very soon.


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