Sunday, 15 September 2013

Glass Lions by JD Glass

Francesca DeTomassa, (Fran or Chesca to her friends) lives a privileged life. Her father is a local politician and she has scholarships to college and law school. She is coming to the end of her final year. After she graduates, she has an internship at a production studio in California.

Fran however has a secret. She is a member of an order, a Circle to protect and promote the Light. Fran’s life is tethered to them by oath, law, blood, soul and love, bound to the Circle’s focal point, the Wielder.

Love has to be sacrificed for the hope of someday. But when someday becomes today, a choice has to be made. A choice not only between love or between right or wrong. The choice has to be for the good of everyone.

This is a well written, but somewhat confusing story at times. It’s told from Fran’s point of view. The story is mostly about the two main characters, Fran and Nina. Nina is a woman Fran was told had died several years previously, although Fran was never convinced Nina was actually dead. When Fran suddenly comes face to face with Nina, it’s a terrible shock for her. The two women spend time together and eventually become lovers. Their love is tender and sweet, a really nice romance.

The part I found a bit confusing is where the Circle and the Light comes in. In fact, I went back and re-read the book again in the hope I would find out what I was wasn’t seeing. I’m still none the wiser now. But putting this aside, I did enjoy Fran and Nina’s story.

I read JD Glass’s earlier books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Punk Like Me and Punk and Zen. These characters first appear there. Maybe I would understand the story better if I went back and re-read them.

Although there were bits that confused me, overall, I did enjoy the story.


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