Friday, 28 June 2013

Igniting Temptation by Sydney Cayon

A Novella

Head of Pediatrics, Mackenzie Trotter, (Mac) is a workaholic. Her partner Loren is a control freak and a bully. Mac Immerses herself in her work to avoid spending time with her. When Mac meets a beautiful fire fighter, Lieutenant Kylie Neil, sparks begin to ignite her feelings for the first time in quite a while.

Kylie’s life revolves around her job, saving lives and rescuing people from burning buildings. When Kylie meets Mac, she is smitten. Unfortunately, Mac’s spoken for. But they can be friends, right?

The temptation is soon too great and igniting the flames of love until they are burning brightly. Maybe too brightly.

I liked the synopsis of this book. But, I have to say, this is about all I did like about it.

The story is way too short for the extortionate price being asked. The price is considerably more expensive in the UK to obtain a copy to what USA customers are asked to pay. The price may not have seemed so bad if the book was full length and the story and writing were good.

The story is choppy, disjointed and doesn’t flow at all. There are numerous typos and grammatical errors throughout. The characters are also rather unbelievable and inane.

The premise of the story was good, unfortunately it failed to deliver what it promised.

This book has DRM on it.


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