Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Guardian's Passion by Stein Willard

Vampire, Trinity O’Riordan, had been turned into a vampire four hundred years ago. Trinity was still nursing a broken heart and carrying the burden of a painful past. One night, everything changes for Trinity. She rescues a beautiful young girl from a group of bloodthirsty renegade vampires. Trinity befriends the girl and watches over her while she grows into a beautiful woman, keeping her safe. For the first time in four hundred years Trinity feels happiness again. Unfortunately, Trinity’s past comes back to haunt her and it finally catches up with her, to her dismay.

Gabriella Talos is a well known and respected therapist. The best in her field. Her life hasn’t been easy. When Gabriella is faced with a past she thought she’d left behind eighteen years previously, it rocks her entire world. What will Gabriella do and who will she reach out to?

Finally! The eagerly anticipated third book in this page turning series has arrived. How could Stein Willard top her previous two novels? Well, she did. I was certainly not disappointed and was glued to my ereader. I know I had intended to savor this book and read it slowly, but I couldn’t help it, I tore right through it, feverishly turning the pages. It’s a wonder my ereader didn’t catch fire. However, I was secure in the knowledge that I would be re-reading this again to write this review. So, I did manage to savor the story the second time around.

I love The Royal Clan of Vampires. I love their constant battles to save the world from the renegades. Each and every character is multi faceted and is essential to further the story forward. The plot was very well thought out, exciting and thrilling.

The scenic descriptions are so vivid, it was easy to lose myself completely in the story. The sex scenes are hot. There is just something about a vampire that is sexy and makes for a decadent read.

I am now eagerly looking forward to another book in this delightful series.


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