Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Window In Time by J.M Dragon

When Julia Stokes is a young girl on the verge of going off to university, she is given a dare to carry out by her two best friends. She meets a mysterious woman named Evelyn Carter at the spooky abandoned hippy commune she’s been dared to enter. Ultimately, the dare Julia accepted is going to affect her whole life.

Years later, on a visit back to her home town, Julia meets the woman she thought she’d met all those years ago when on her dare.

Evelyn Carter denies she’s ever met Julia. But something mysterious is happening. A mystery is throwing up a lot of questions, but not providing any answers. Who was the woman Julia met years before? What happened all those years ago? More to the immediate point, what is happening now? Does Evelyn hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the past and present?

This is a well written, lovely little story, with a romance thrown in for good measure. If you are thinking this will be another fluffy romance, you’d be wrong. There is a very clever and quirky twist to enhance your reading pleasure.

I’ve yet to read a story of JM Dragon’s that I didn’t enjoy. As always, this is a page turner right the way through. The characters are great, all multi sided and they all interact well together.

I was sorry to reach the end of the book. If you want a quick, easy, delicious little story, that is different to the norm, this is one I highly recommend.



  1. Terry, where do you accept review requests? I don't see contact information anywhere! Apologies to JM Dragon as this is obviously not the appropriate place for this. Wonderful review, though :)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    No worries. I don't put up my email addy in many places as I get bombarded with requests. At the moment, I'm accepting requests from published authors and by recommendation from friends of authors. As my disclaimer states, I only read and review lesfic books. No hetero stuff at all.
    Have you actually published a lesfic book? If you have, send me the link and I'll take a look at the synopsis.
    My email addy is:-
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