Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Life Rewired by Lynn Galli

Ex con, Falyn Shaw is finding that life outside of prison isn’t much better for her than it was in prison. Her friends have disowned her. People have no respect for her once they know she’s served a prison sentence. She’s working in a job she hates for a pittance. Plus the police come round and question her each time a crime has been committed.

When Falyn meets up with her old friend Nat, she is offered a job at Nat’s construction company in Aspen, doing the work she loves and has trained for as an electrician. This is her chance to leave her old life behind and start anew.

Falyn is soon doing very well in Aspen, she’s enjoying her job and has found some new friends. No one knows of her shady past except Nat. When Falyn meets Molly Sokol, she finds a friend she has lots in common with. They begin to spend a lot of time together as buddies. Falyn’s life is finally back on track and is good. Better than good in fact. Her relationship with Molly develops into a sweet romance, that neither of them saw coming.

Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true when Falyn’s past catches up with her. Will Falyn be able to keep the past from ruining her new life and her future? Or will she have to walk away from all she’s just built, including the woman she’s grown to love?

Another well written page turner from Lynn Galli. We have some of the Aspen friends back, along with some new characters to keep the story burning brightly throughout.

I like the way Lynn sets her books amongst a group of friends and then introduces other characters and builds the storyline around the new character. In this book, Falyn is the central character and we see how her criminal past catches up with her. She had paid the price and served her sentence, but second chances are not easy to come by. Even though Falyn has learnt a valuable lesson, she still isn’t left alone to get on with her life. This is very true to real life too. I know I’ve been guilty of thinking, once a criminal always a criminal, instead of taking each case on it’s own merit. So, although this book is fiction, I do feel we can take something out of it for ourselves. This is also a story about second chances. There is a lot of wisdom packed into this sometimes serious, sometimes funny romance.

I always look forward to anything new from Lynn Galli. This has been well worth the wait.


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