Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Blue Hour by Beatrice Donahue

Rosina King is immensely unhappy with her life. Married to Charles, an uncaring, unfeeling, tyrant of a man, she barely exists. Like most married women in England in the 1920’s, Rosina’s sole purpose in life is to please her husband and obey his every need.

One night Rosina meets American painter, Eve Soames. Unknown to her at the time, her life will be changed forever. One kiss is all it takes and Rosina is mesmerized. Eve is independently wealthy and she’s strong. More than a match for any man or woman. When Eve meets Rosina, she is immediately attracted to her. The fact that Rosina is married, doesn’t faze her at all.

Rosina doesn’t dare to hope that Eve might want her as a friend, let alone anything else. This is all about to change. One fateful afternoon after Charles has taught her a painful lesson, Rosina bumps into Eve. Both women’s lives are about to take a change for the better. But, will Charles come after Rosina?

A well written debut novelette. The two characters, Rosina and Eve are likeable, well formed and interact well with each other.

From the scenic descriptions, it was easy to visualize myself back in a sleepy little English village in the roaring 1920’s.

The story is short, but sweet, hot and very erotic. I’ll be watching out for more from Beatrice Donahue.


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