Monday, 22 April 2013

Miss - Match by Erica Lawson and AC Henley

Twenty nine year old virgin, Clancy Fitzgerald, is still single despite having had numerous dates and the best efforts at matchmaking by Minerva Goldberg. Minerva is unable to find any man Clancy desires. Now it’s time to go down another route. Minerva is about to set Clancy up with a woman. Why not? All else has failed.

Carmen Prakta has been coerced by Minerva into going on a blind date with Clancy. On meeting with Clancy, it’s obvious to Carmen, as well as it has been to Clancy’s friends and acquaintances, that Clancy is a lesbian. How come Clancy is the only one not to realize this?

Carmen sets out to prove to Clancy two things. Number one is that Clancy is a lesbian and number two is that Clancy is her one true love. Will she succeed? Well, there was certainly great fun and hilarity finding out.

A very nicely written romantic comedy. One that produced copious amounts of laugh out loud humor. Thank goodness I read this book at home. This is a very easy and comfortable heart warming read.

This is a book about self discovery. What happens when a person thinks they are straight all their lives? Suddenly they reach the age of twenty nine and find things out about themselves that they never expected. Or maybe they did expect them deep down, but wouldn’t admit to them. Clancy can deny being a lesbian all she likes, but she can’t deny her feelings. This tender, sweet and gentle romance unfolds slowly amid much soul searching from Clancy. We get to see right down into her most private thoughts. Get to see just what makes Clancy the woman she is today.

Both Clancy and Carmen are multifaceted and are backed up by some equally tremendous characters, all essential to the progression of the story. Which incidentally, goes beyond being just a romance and hot sex. The actual storyline is exciting, has a serious side, but is humorous at the same time.

I have no intentions of adding in any spoilers, but this is definitely a light hearted book that left me with a feel good factor. From the way this story is written, I could picture myself right beside the characters as they tentatively explored the possibilities open to them. Carmen is sure she knows what she wants, or more to the point, who she wants. She is the strong one. Clancy is more timid. Although when pushed, her strength shines through.

Both characters have their own little traits that make them so adorable. Oh, and I loved little Toby. You’ll have to read the book to find out who he or she is.

This book is a complete one off, there will not be another. So, make the most of this and savor it. It is on my re-read list for when I need a boost up and a good laugh.

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