Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Short Snippets of March Reads

The Lure of White Oak Lake by Robin Alexander
Morgan Chassion is recovering from the loss of her father, her job and being dumped by her girlfriend. Her father had left her a cabin in White Oak Lake. So, that’s where she goes to nurse her wounds.
Jaclyn Wyatt, a single mother and owner of The Lure, a bait shop, is the towns pet project. It seems that everyone wants to see Jaclyn fixed up with a nice woman. So, there is a love potion being brewed in the town to see to it that Morgan and Jaclyn get together. Not that they need a love potion, they are both attracted to each other. But, Morgan is only in White Oak Lake until a job comes along. Will Morgan stay for love though?
This book is without a doubt in my mind, the best Robin Alexander has ever written. It’s a page turner from start to finish. The characters are many sided, easy to get to know and loveable. Although this is a romance, there is a really humorous side to the story too. Star rating 5/5
Poison Flowers by Nat Burns
After splitting up with her girlfriend, Marya Brock returns home to the small town of Schuyler Point. She finds a job at the local newspaper as a reporter and begins to settle down.
Dorcas Wood, (Dorry) dislikes Marya as soon as she learns she is a reporter. The newspaper had been responsible for causing a lot of trouble in Dorry’s life. Dorry lives alone and is eccentric to say the least. Just as Dorry begins to warm a little to Marya, her brother in law is found murdered right in front of Marya’s home. Both Marya and Dorry are under suspicion. They form a tentative truce. Both women are battling an attraction toward each other. But what if one of them is the killer?
A well written story, but I didn’t like the characters very much. I found it hard to believe that they would be attracted to one another. The plot was good though and I didn’t work out who the perpetrator was. Star rating 4/5
Love Loss Revenge by Graysen Morgen
FBI Agent, Rian Casey is working on a big organized crime case. She’s deeply in love with her girlfriend Ari, her life simply couldn’t get any better. Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy occurs and Rian’s life is turned upside down and she feels it’s not worth going on. She quits the FBI. Bit by bit the truth of the tragedy comes to light. Rian is a woman possessed in her quest for revenge. Will she succeed or be killed in the process?
Not one of Graysen Morgen’s best stories, it also ends in a cliffhanger and the story is choppy. Although the editing is marginally better than her previous books, this book is way over priced for the story, length and quality. Star rating 2/5
Love By The Numbers by Karin Kallmaker
Behavioral scientist, Professor Nicole Hathaway has written a best selling love manual. Her publisher has booked her on a tour of the USA and Europe. Her latest assistant has just quit, unable to take anymore of her. She’s convinced that Lily Smith won’t last long either, which suits her down to the ground.
Lillian Linden-Smith is desperate to keep her new found job. She’s being pursued by a rabid TV lawyer and a public lynch mob for the crimes committed by her parents. This job is a perfect way to get away for a while.
Is it possible that hate at first sight can become love?
A nicely written story with two strong main characters. One loveable and one not so nice. It’s interesting to read how they get to know each other and go from hating each other to being attracted to one another. Star rating 4/5
In Love, At War by Graysen Morgen
Army Air Force mechanic, Charley Hayes is stationed at Ford Island, Pearl Harbour. She is the Commanding Officer of an all female squadron. Charley loves her job. She is in it for the long haul.
But what happens when Charley falls in love? It’s not easy when in the midst of WW11, being attacked by the Japanese and loving another woman. Will she survive being in love at war?
A nice story full of excitement, thrills, twists and turns. There are a few typos, but not enough to pull me out of the story. However, the book is short and over priced for an indie. Star rating 3/5

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