Monday, 1 April 2013

Close Enough by Harper Bliss

High Rise Novella Four

After the devastating break up with her former lover, Nat finds it impossible to make a commitment to anyone. Nat loves Isabella, but because of her fear of commitment, she betrays her in the worst possible way.

Isabella wants a loving relationship and a commitment. She knows she probably won’t get one from Nat, but she isn’t ready to give up on her entirely just yet. Although Nat has badly hurt Isabella, she finds herself still being drawn to her.

Isabella and Nat have to try to find some sort of neutral ground. But are their personalities and life styles simply too different for a stable relationship to work between them?

This is another winning story, the last in the High Rise series, from Harper Bliss. These novellas are short, sweet and very well written. Set in Hong Kong in and around an upmarket apartment block named The Ivy, they are all about a group of four friends and their lives and relationships. This final story features Nat and Isabella, but does include Alex and Maddie as well.

All these characters are loveable and multidimensional. We read of their problems and vulnerabilities and their on going relationships. Sometimes heart breaking, sometimes amusing, but very hot, always very hot with plenty of hot sexy scenes.

I would advise buying the whole series to read. Although this book could be read as a standalone, you won’t get the impact and the whole wonderful story featuring the four friends unless you read them all. I’m saving these in my favorites folder to re-read. I love this group of friends, the settings and their camaraderie. One problem......... Now I’m desperate to visit Hong Kong, the place sounds amazing.

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