Monday, 1 April 2013

Red Hot Stone Cold by Trin Denise

Famous artist, Danica James, doesn’t like being in the limelight. She hides herself away in her cabin up in the mountains in West Virginia with her faithful dog, Sammie. That is, until the fateful day she comes across car accident victim, Heather Ransen. Heather is suffering from retrograde amnesia. Danica has no idea of who she is or where she was going in one of the worst storms of the season. Somehow, she gets Heather back to her cabin, resigned to the fact that her peace is over for a while due to the worsening storm.

Heather had in fact, been on her way to confront her cheating lover Angela, but now has no knowledge of it. Will Heather get her memory back?

Danica is attracted to Heather, but she’s been badly hurt in the past. Will Danica take a chance on love again?

As Heather slowly begins to remember things, she also finds herself attracted to Danica. But her feelings are not reciprocated.

What will it take to get Danica and Heather together? Will time be the answer?

Another winning, well written, novella from the pen of talented author, Trin Denise. A highly emotional read in a short novella. As with all of Trin’s books, I wanted more. I would have loved to have seen more of the area of West Virginia, more of the characters day to day lives and more about what happened to Danica and Heather next.

The two main characters Danica and Heather are so obviously attracted to one another. But the question is whether they will find their way into each others hearts.

A short, but very enjoyable read. One to re-read as a comfort read to enjoy again and again.

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