Thursday, 2 August 2012

Just Me by Graysen Morgen

When a terrible accident occurs, wild girl, Ian Wiley has to grow up quickly to take over the multimillion dollar company she is the sole heir to, Wiley Steel. But will Ian calm down enough to run the business started by her Great Grandfather over one hundred years before? Ian is all too aware that she, as the heir, must make significant changes to her life. When Ian begins looking in to her business, she realizes all is not well, the company has suffered some severe losses. Will Ian have the knowledge and the support of her staff to be able to get Wiley Steel back on track? Thus begins the start of an investigation that will shock and anger Ian, along with her trusted board members.

Cassidy Harland is in Aspen with her two best friends, when she sees a drop dead gorgeous blonde woman in the bar. She toys with the idea of an encounter with her and decides against it. For weeks afterwards, Cassidy regrets her decision not to play. Imagine her surprise and shock when she encounters the lovely blonde again, to discover that she is none other than Ian Wiley, head of the company she works for and her boss. Cassidy is torn between still wanting Ian and staying well away from her. After all, nothing can ever come of it, can it? Ian’s the boss! Unknown to Cassidy, Ian is feeling a similar attraction. Can there be any hope for love? Will the two women find a way to be together?

This is another really excellent story from the pen of Graysen Morgen. I loved the exciting storyline. The descriptive scenic settings gave me the feel of being there amongst the characters and the romance is hot. The two main characters, Ian and Cassidy are well developed and multidimensional. They are backed up with a supporting cast of strong minor characters. All equally important in furthering the story along.

Unfortunately, once again Graysen has been badly let down by her editor. There are numerous typos and grammatical errors throughout this book. Given that the price is so high, it is unacceptable.

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