Friday, 3 August 2012

Short snippets of July reads

Oath Of Honor by Radclyffe

When Navy Captain Wes Masters is posted to The White House Medical Unit, her number one priority is President Andrew Powell. Special Agent Evyn Daniels is a member of the President’s Personal Protection Unit. When the two women meet, sparks fly, but they both agree they can’t have a relationship, their jobs have to come first. But there must be a way for love to conquer.

An enjoyable read with some of my favorite characters from Radclyffe’s previous books. Blair and Cam, Tanner and Adrienne and others. Star rating 4/5


Rhapsody by KG MacGregor

Respected veteran TV anchor, Ashley Giraud, is a virtual recluse and she is hiding secrets from her past. Julia Whitethorn, stylist and owner of Rhapsody hair salon gets the contract to style Ashley’s hair. It’s not long before Ashley and Julia feel an attraction to each other. However, Ashley can never allow more than friendship between them. Her past has encroached into her present and is affecting her future. Will Ashley learn to love again?

Another really great read from KG MacGregor. The writing and the storyline is wonderful. Star rating 5/5


Moon Through The Magnolia by Kate Sweeney

Judge Cass O’Banion has had more than enough of her job on the bench in Chicago. She’s hanging up her robes and moving to a Louisiana backwater to be a lawyer. Regina Devereaux, (Dev) had the misfortune to end up in Cass’s courtroom in Chicago, she was immediately smitten, not so for Cass. When Cass and Dev run in to each other in Louisiana, fate must have had a hand. But what of love?

A well written heartfelt romance with the usual humor than only comes from the pen of Kate Sweeney. Star rating 5/5


Stone Walls by Kate Sweeney A Novella

Top skier Tyler Cameron had everything she wanted. Fame, money, women etc. Until she suffered a terrible accident. Nurse Rachel Whitaker had left England hiding a deep dark secret. When sparks begin to ignite between Tyler and Rachel, will either or both of them hide behind their stone walls or knock them down?

A really enjoyable romance with a nice storyline and the usual Kate Sweeney humor. Star rating 5/5


The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien

Accountant Emily Parker, the daughter of drug addict parents, is caring for her eighteen year old sister. Emily has no life of her own, it’s all work and no play. Until she books an evening with an escort to live out her fantasies.

Nat Swayne enjoys her job as an escort and is very good at it. She never allows herself to become emotionally involved. Until she meets Emily. Sparks fly between them both. They have an undeniable attraction to each other. Could it possibly amount to more?

An excellent, well written erotic story. Sizzling and steaming hot. Another winner for Meghan O’Brien. Star rating 5/5


Accidental Love by B.L Miller re-read

Powerful and rich Ronnie Cartwright is on her way home late one snowy night, when she runs down and seriously injures a poverty stricken young woman, Rose Grayson. Horrified, Ronnie puts Rose into her car and rushes her to hospital. Circumstances throw the two women together. But Ronnie hides the fact from Rose that she caused her injuries. The two women fall in love. But can love based on a deception survive?

A nice well written romance. One of my all time favorites I’ve read numerous times. Star rating 5/5


Graceful Waters by B.L Miller and V.H Foster re-read

Joanna Carey is the senior instructor at a boot camp. Grace Waters has been sent to the boot camp to learn the error of her ways. Both Joanna and Grace are fighting a losing battle against their attraction for each other. Grace would be more than willing to take a chance, but can she persuade Joanna?

A well written and heart warming comfort book I love to re-read once in a while.


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