Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Fern Witches Series by Joanna Macowl

Talking To Trees Book One.

Dana Quinn has been meaning to write her dissertation for years. This is the year she is finally going to do it. She’s taking a whole year off and is going up to the old family cabin in Fern, New Hampshire. Peace and solitude are going to be her only companions. Dana loves the old family cabin, it holds special memories from her childhood. Including her first love.

Dana is looking forward to the year off and knows that at the end of it, she will be right on track for tenure and a very comfortable life. Dana doesn’t figure her two neighbours into her lonely existence though. Carla, her childhood friend and first lover at the render age of thirteen and Liz, a woman in dire need of Dana’s help. Help that Dana has no idea she can actually give. Heck, she doesn’t even know she is a witch, let alone that she has special powers. Although, there has been some strange happenings in the past.........

This first book in The Fern Witch series is a delightful page turner that I simply couldn’t put down once I’d started it. At the beginning we have an ordinary woman, Dana at a crossroads in her life. Dana knows she has to make changes and thus begins a roller coaster ride on a journey of self discovery. But as with any journey, there are plenty of twists and turns and a few bumps along the way.

This is Joanna Macowl’s debut book, but you would never know it from the excellent writing and clean editing. She has excelled in her story telling, scenic descriptions, the multidimensional characters and their development. As the title suggests, this story has a pagan/wiccan theme. The witches are everyday ordinary people, with a little extra power. I loved the whole setting and the romance throughout is hot. I was pleased that I had the trilogy, I wouldn’t have liked to have to wait for the second book in the series. This will be a definite re-read for me.

The Wand. Book Two

Dana Quinn continues on her path of learning all the things she needs to know to fit in with the women of the coven. She finds herself being tested along the way as she finds new friends and connections. Dana as the newest witch, is also becoming one of the most powerful witches in Fern. Villette Madden, another powerful witch is not about to let Dana succeed Ivy Wynn as the High Priestess when the time comes. She has met her match in Dana. But she will stop at nothing to prevent Dana from taking the title. As each woman battles for supremacy, who will get hurt in the process?

Deidre Bast has set her sights on Liz Abbott. How will she get on there? Liz and Carla, an on and off again couple find they both hide secrets. Dana and Hannah had a little liaison going until Hannah ups and leaves. Zack Reese, Hannah’s brother helps Dana find the elusive Julia. Could Julia be Hannah’s reason for leaving Fern?

As Dana’s powers grow, she finds help in the form of the dark wand. Which also brings about some life changing challenges as well as a lot of surprises along the way.

This second book in the Fern Witch series begins directly where the first one ended. I thought the first book was superb, this one is equally as good, if not a little better, if that’s even possible. The story is a lot darker and deeper than the first book, although there is a touch of humor throughout. There is more depth to the characters relationships and the romance is hot.

We see how Dana is developing her power on her way to becoming the all powerful High Priestess when Ivy can no longer be there.

The story telling is superb, the characters are wonderful and well written. Each interacts with the others in such a way they they are almost choreographed and dancing together. Once again, I’m thankful I don’t have to wait for the third and final book.

Silvery Moon Book Three

Dana Quinn has been in Fern for two years. She loves the people, the place and all the challenges in her life. Her powers are increasing in strength. Life is good for Dana. She feels she is finally ready to settle down and maybe have a family. Things she’s shied away from in the past. But Dana finds herself waging a war with herself. A traumatic event sends Dana and Carla hurtling down a path that could very well end in destruction for them both, unless Dana can find a way to put the brakes on and turn things around.

Unfortunately, Dana’s power fails her, just when it is so badly needed. Dana has to seek help from the one witch she’d rather not ask.

Alexandra Conti is a High Priestess, she initiates Dana and not only in to the coven! But Alexandra is hiding secrets from her past. Secrets that may well come back to haunt them all.

Hannah and Julia have to sort out their feeling for each other. What will they decide?

Meanwhile, Liz is searching for a dark haired woman she is destined to marry one year ahead. Could this woman be right under her nose?

Last, but by no means least, Ruby Gray-Quinn is born. She is a delightful baby and totally surprises both her mothers.

Dana has to evaluate her past and use all her strength and magick, because hanging on to her past could be her downfall. Will Dana find the courage to protect her family and her future, or will she simply coast along?

This is the third and sadly final book in this fantastic series.......Maybe.The whole three books have been an absolutely wonderfully well written and great read.

The series has been dramatic, romantic, humorous and at times sad. I can’t praise these books enough. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent in Fern with these delightful characters. There would be only one complaint I’d have, I would have loved the series to continue. I have heard there may just be a possibility of the witches returning. We’ll have to wait and see. I haven’t had anywhere near enough of Dana and her coven. Whether you like paganism, Wicca, witches or not, these characters and their stories are excellent. I’ll be re-reading these books very soon.

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