Sunday, 5 August 2012

Reapers Inc Rogue Reaper by B.L Newport

Brigit Malone is carrying out her position of Assistant Grim Reaper efficiently and to the very best of her ability. The threat made by Seamus Flannery nine months previously has not been carried out........Yet. Brigit is under no illusions though, that he is just biding his time to get to her in a weak moment.

John Blackwick has left Brigit in charge as Head Reaper while he opens up satellite offices round the world. Brigit is working round the clock crossing souls and trying her best to run the office. She can’t even get home very often to spend time with her beloved Maggie.

The Bailey is acting up and the work load due to his increased activity is never ending. Brigit also has to face a ghost she’d rather not face from her past. Then the unthinkable happens, Seamus shows his hand at last. He has found a way to carry out his threat to Brigit. He is going after the one person Brigit would give up her immortal soul for. Will Seamus succeed in destroying Brigit?

Reapers Inc Brigit’s Cross was a superb book. This second in the series is even better, if that’s possible.

The characters are diverse and multidimensional. As the firm of Reapers Inc grows, so we meet more characters. Some nicer than others. But they all pull their own weight in progressing the story along at a nice pace, with twists and turns along the way.

It’s fascinating to read about the dead interacting with the living. This series is giving me a whole new perception of a genre previously either ignored or read by those considered ghoulish. Personally, although I know these things can’t and don’t happen, a part of me wonders, what if.........

B.L Newport has a unique way with words. Her storytelling just makes me want to read more from her. She has created a wonderful set of characters, even when I’m not reading a Reapers Inc book, I’m thinking about them.

If anyone is unsure as to whether they will like the series, just buy the first book. The price is very reasonable too.

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