Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Paradox Of Love by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

When Hell Meets Heaven Book 4

Parker Davis’s car gave out just as she arrived in Portsmouth. Parker had been traveling around for a while, but never seemed to settle anywhere. She has no choice now. Her car needs major repairs, so she has to try and get a job with the local police department to pay for it.

Police Officer, Olivia Santos, lives and breathes her job, she’s proudly following in her families footsteps. Only one thing comes before her job, her love for her undercover cop brother.

When Parker and Olivia meet, they are both smitten. The love bug has struck. So begins a hard, fast and passionate love affair. Soon they are inseparable. Partners at work and in love. Then a terrible tragedy occurs which threatens their love and life together. Will their love be strong enough to overcome it? What will happen to them both?

Anyone who has been following this excellent series and read the previous book, will already know the answer to this. Although this is my second time round of reading this series, I can’t see why suddenly the series went back in time at this particular point.

However, this book has cleared up a lot of loose ends about the lives of Parker and Olivia prior to their last meeting. So, maybe I’ve answered my own question.

As always with the previous three books, this has been a well written page turner from the very outset. I loved Olivia in the previous books, it was good to find out what and who has made her the person she is today. It was also good to get to know more about Parker and her previous life before she came back into Olivia’s life again in Echoes of the Past.

The actual story takes the reader on a journey that is full of excitement and surprises throughout. An added bonus is, it’s hot in parts. Red hot and sizzling.

JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly have written another winner between them. The books in this series are so cheap that it would be a crime not to give them a try.




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