Tuesday, 1 October 2013

For The Love Of Indiana by Natalie Vivien

The Chronicles of Indiana Books 1 to 3

The Trouble With Indiana

After Bella Farley broke up with her girlfriend, she found she missed their dog Booger more than she did her girlfriend. When Marcia, (Marsh) Bella’s best friend takes her to an animal rescue shelter, Bella had no idea she would be taking home border collie Indiana, a dog just about to be euthanized. It was love at first sight for Bella and Indiana. Little did Bella know the chaos the energetic and disaster prone Indiana was going to bring into her life. Nothing is safe around Indiana. Bella’s life will never be the same again.

While Bella and Indiana are walking in the local dog park, they meet Comfort Allen, a dog trainer. This is after Bella landed on top of her, Indiana once again!

Bella and Comfort are instantly smitten with one another. It seems that although Indiana is destructive, he is also the bringer of good luck.

The Disaster of Indiana

The carnage and mayhem continues with Indiana, the over active border collie, bringing yet more disaster into Bella’s life. Her apartment is wrecked, wherever Bella and Indiana go, he wreaks havoc. The fact that Bella and Indiana have a strong and loving bond doesn’t stop Indiana from his wrecking spree.

But on the whole, Bella’s luck has taken a change for the better since she adopted Indiana. She’s met the woman of her dreams, dog trainer Comfort Allen.

Unfortunately when Marsh, Bella’s best friend asks Bella to march in the Pride Parade with Indiana, he causes the biggest disaster ever. The fireworks banging overhead didn’t help either. The final straw is the thunderstorm raging. Indiana leaps the fence and runs. He’s disappeared.

The Search For Indiana

Indiana is missing. The destructive, super hyperactive border collie had jumped the fence during a raging storm and disappeared without a trace.

Bella and her girlfriend Comfort search high and low for Indiana, enlisting the help of friends and colleagues along the way.

As the search carries on, really strange and weird things begin to occur. It may sound ridiculous, but could Indiana be influencing these happenings from afar? After all, Bella literally fell across the love of her life Comfort, all thanks to Indiana. Now it appears other nice things are happening to friends and colleagues too.

This series is without a doubt the cutest, funniest, most wonderfully well written story about one of the most annoying, but loveable dogs I’ve ever read about. There is also a simmering romance smoldering away throughout too.

I love all the hilarious and well formed characters. We meet more as each story in the series emerges. But right at the very center is Indiana. A dog that would be enough to drive most people insane.

Whether you love dogs or not, Indiana’s story is well worth the read. Just try not to read it in public. The laugh out loud moments cannot be suppressed very easily.


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