Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Backcountry by Trin Denise

A Novella

Single, stressed and a workaholic, highflying defence attorney, Lyndsey Carlisle is fast burning out. Over the years she’s defended some of the most undesirable, prolific offenders known to mankind and her last case is the straw that broke the camels back. Lyndsey has had enough and is taking time off to go back packing with her faithful dog, Sadie. She intends to re-evaluate her life. Lyndsey and Sadie head off to Natural Bridge, Kentucky.

Brae Colson is a native of Natural Bridge. After her lover of five years, leaves her a Dear Jane letter, Brae goes off for some hiking and rest and relaxation.

After less than one day hiking the trails, Lyndsey makes a terrible mistake and ends up falling twenty feet to the bottom of a cliff. She’s badly sprained her ankle and can’t call for help.

When Brae sees Lyndsey at the bottom of the cliff, she curses her bad luck. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a woman right now. But she can’t leave her stranded.

There is immediate animosity between the two women. Sadie is the peacemaker and gradually that changes. Although there is now an attraction between Lyndsey and Brae, will they allow the flames of love to spark? Neither woman believes in a happy ever after.

Another well written page turner from Trin Denise. I love the characters. There are three main characters, Lyndsey, Brae and Sadie. All are essential to the story and interact well together. The usual Trin Denise touch of humor I’ve come to love and expect is present throughout.

This is the beginning of a new series of novellas and it’s off to a very promising start. We are introduced to the characters and have been told a bit about their backgrounds. The scene is set for the next in the series. The ending has left me wanting the next book sooner, rather than later.


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