Sunday, 21 April 2013

Desolation Point by Cari Hunter

After suffering the terrible tragedy of losing her mother and her younger sister to a drunk driver, almost losing her own life and being abandoned by her step father, Sarah Kent feels she owes it to herself to travel the world. After leaving her home in England, Sarah eventually arrives in the North Cascades. Sarah is trying hard to get her life back on track and regain her health and confidence.

Ex Los Angeles cop, Alex Pascal, leaves Los Angeles after a traumatic attack on her life. She no longer has the confidence to be a cop. Her colleagues are just not the same towards her. She can’t bear the looks of pity any longer. Alex makes her home in Desolation Peak away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the dangers of the criminal world.

Sarah and Alex are destined to meet after a storm leaves Sarah cut off from civilization. When Alex hears of Sarah’s plight, she is determined to find her and heads off into the wilderness.

When Alex finally discovers Sarah, she finds that Sarah is running from a dangerous, murdering criminal who has already killed without any regard for human life.

The two women set out on the run, trying desperately to stay one step ahead of the perpetrator. Will they succeed?

It isn’t long before both women begin to feel the magnetic pull of attraction. Is it possible to fall in love while they are trying to survive? Will Sarah and Alex manage to escape with their lives unscathed?

Let me start by saying, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is an extremely well written, page turning adventure romance. I simply couldn’t put this book down and read well into the night.

The suspense and tension along with several OMG moments had my heart racing and left me breathless.

The two main characters, Sarah and Alex are well formed and multidimensional. Both women have suffered mind and body altering experiences, which in my opinion, helps them to form a close bond from the outset.

I love the way Cari Hunter laid out their stories, so that we got to know each of the characters backgrounds as well as their story together in the present day. It certainly helped me to understand Sarah and Alex and how their backgrounds formed them into the women they’d become.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is the way Cari Hunter portrayed Sarah who is English and Alex who is American. I’m English and have many American friends, their dialogue is very much the same as between me and my friends.

Although most of this book is a serious story, there is a great sense of humor throughout. Amongst all the devastation and pain Sarah and Alex suffer, the humor really shines through and takes the edge off the terror.

The scenic descriptions were excellent. I lost myself in the mountains with Sarah, Alex and the baddies. After I’d read the book, I Googled Desolation Peak. The area was exactly as I’d envisaged it.

This is another book to add to my re-read list.

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