Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Slices of Life by Georgia Beers

The Administrative Assistant

Married lawyer, Christine Davis is a player, a womanizer. She’s supposedly happily married to Jules, but is currently having an affair with Jenna. Jenna is getting tired of being Christine’s dirty secret, it’s time to do something about it. She quite likes the look of MJ, the UPS delivery driver.

The UPS Driver

Mary Jane Harter, (MJ) enjoys her job as a UPS driver. She meets lots of interesting people. She likes Jenna, the administrative assistant at Davis and Fichter, but she thinks Jenna is a cut above her. When MJ delivers some parcels to Sarah Holt, she likes the look of her too. But Sarah’s a straight, stay at home mom and married. May be she should ask Jenna out after all.

The Stay At Home Mom

Sarah Holt has been struggling to find out what she’s been missing. She’s been having illicit thoughts about her neighbour Rebecca. Is it just Rebecca she fancies, or could it be other women too? Sarah may find out when she’s opened her packages just delivered by MJ. She does get a bit of an eye opener, but she gets a bigger eye opener when she attends a meeting with her son’s teacher, Cassidy Freeman. She now knows for sure it’s not just Rebecca, Cassidy is so hot, Sarah’s knees almost buckle.

The Teacher

Cassidy Freeman thinks Jeremy Holt’s mother Sarah is hot. It’s a good job she’s meeting a new woman, Deb, later on a blind date at a bar. Unfortunately, Cassidy gets stood up by Deb. The bar tender brings her out a plate of appetizers, compliments of the house, followed shortly by an appearance of chef Kate Martindale. Kate asks Cassidy to Sunday brunch. Her evening wasn’t a wash out after all.

The Chef

Kate Martindale couldn’t believe she’d asked Cassidy out. The woman had to be twenty years younger than her own fifty five years. Kate has been looking after her dying younger brother and needs a break. But should she really have asked Cassidy out? When Kate calls into her regular coffee shop and Lindsay serves her, suddenly everything looks brighter.

The Barista

Lindsay Curtis likes the chef. She comes in everyday. Lindsay herself has a girlfriend, Cara. Cara is fifteen years older than her and very hot. Lindsay is a writer of erotica in her spare time. She decides to write a story based on the chef. When Cara returns home, Lindsay’s more than ready for her.

The Massage Therapist

Cara White is a massage therapist. She mostly enjoys her job. Today she’s tired after a night of steaming hot sex with her lover Lindsay. When her old school coach comes in for her regular massage, Cara finds herself talking about their lives for the first time ever. Including the fact that she’d had a crush on Geri’s life partner, Lisa Hargrave, her old English teacher.

The Landscape Architect

Geri Scott was not happy. She really doesn’t want to retire. But she’s in pain most of the time with arthritis. The massages help her a little. She decides to get a bottle of wine in Dorian Garrison’s shop on her way home. She chats to Dorian about retiring. When she gets home, she has an announcement to make to Lisa.

The Wine Shop Owner

Dorian Garrison’s wine shop isn’t doing too well with all the big stores opening up. She’s been very down. She goes to her local pharmacy to get her anti anxiety meds. Liv, the pharmacist, comes up with a couple of ideas. In fact, Dorian is almost certain Liv has asked her out.

The Pharmacist

Olivia Keegan, (Liv) is very happy in her job. But she has a very low opinion of herself. She is always wanting to change herself into something she’s not. Now she’s joined a gym. She thinks she’s too fat. She has an appointment with Julia Hastings to discuss her fitness regime. Julia gives Liv a pep talk. Now Liv is really looking forward to seeing Dorian later.

The Fitness Instructor

Julia Hastings is a fitness instructor. She gives out lots of sound advice on self esteem and fitness. She’s now about to take some of her own advice. Her wife Christine has been cheating on her for a long time. It’s time to do something about it.

This book of short stories has been written in a surprisingly clever way. Each story connects to the previous one. This happens right the way through the book until the last story which has actually gone a full circle and leads back to the first story.

I loved each story. Most leave you to draw your own conclusions, but the hint is there as to how they will end.

I shouldn’t have expected anything less though from a book written by Georgia Beers. I’ve enjoyed all her books. This one is no exception. It’s very well written and although the stories are short, the characters have a depth to them that some writers fail to achieve in short stories.

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