Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fool for Love by Harper Bliss

Investment Banker, Maddie, is having a torrid affair with June, one of her married work colleagues. She’s tried many times to end the affair, but always gets sucked right back in again. This time she is really determined to end it, she knows it can’t go on. Will Maddie be able to keep the promise she’s made to herself?

Fitness instructor, Alex, is currently single after her girlfriend Rita cheated on her. She’s still feeling the pain of it all and won’t let herself get close to any woman again. Alex has moved in to an upmarket apartment block, The Ivy, to share an apartment with her friend Nat.

Maddie’s friend Isabella persuades her to go to the body combat class she attends. It’s here that Maddie and Alex meet for the first time. They both feel the pull of an attraction between them. Imagine their surprise when they bump into one another again the following morning in the elevator of the apartment block. Even more of a surprise to find out they both live in the same building. This surely must be a good omen. But will Maddie be able to move on from June? Will Alex be able to move on from the pain Rita caused her?

This is a fast paced story set in Hong Kong. Australian Maddie, is disillusioned with her love life and is considering moving back home. When she meets Alex, she decides to give herself one last chance at finding love. The story hops between Maddie and Alex and leaves nothing to the imagination, with the red hot mind blowing sex scenes.

Harper Bliss has started off the four book series running. The story is fast paced and I read it in one sitting. Good job I had the time, I wouldn’t have wanted to put it down.

The two characters featured, Maddie and Alex, both have hang ups about relationships. It’s great to watch them working out whether they can actually be in a relationship with each other. They are backed up by Maddie’s friend Isabella and Alex’s friend Nat. The story weaves seamlessly through all their four of their lives until it reaches the end.

All of the characters are easy to get know and interact well with each other. It was easy for me to visualize the scenery so that I was a part of the story, not just reading it.

I’m looking forward to the second book in the series asap. I’ll re-read this one first as it’s a short and enjoyable read.

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