Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Christmas Day To Remember by Trin Denise

Thirty two year old Kristen Mitchell, loves to go on a Christmas shopping spree. This Christmas, she’s going on a train full of hot and gorgeous lesbians to Chicago. Will Kristen find herself a bed warmer on the train?

Aeden Stamos has booked herself an exciting excursion on a train to Chicago. She knows the train will be full of beautiful women. Will Aeden find the ideal woman for a night of fun?

When Kristen and Aeden meet on board, both women realize they are in deep trouble. The attraction is strong and immediate. But they both have partners. How is this going to work? Although they can’t resist each other, what will happen afterwards? Will they even see each other again?

This is a beautiful, well written novella. Unfortunately, it’s far too short for me. I can never get enough of Trin’s writing.

Both Kristen and Aeden are great characters, multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. The scenic settings are so well described, I could almost hear the wheels of the train clattering along the tracks.

The story is very cleverly thought out and so hot, it’s steaming.

As the title suggests, there is far more to this book than the train ride. But far be it for me to put in any spoilers. There is a lovely little surprising twist for the reader along the way. I’d like to see these characters again, a book would be great, but another novella would be nice too.

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