Saturday, 5 January 2013

Short Snippets and list of December Reads

Playing with Fuego by KG MacGregor

Daphne Maddox gave up her dream job in Boston to move to Miami to be with her lover. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Three years later, Daphne is on her own working as a coordinator for the Miami Home Foundation, a non profit home builder.

Maribel Tirado Leon’s escapades have her doing community service at one of Daphne’s work sites. At first, Daphne and Mari don’t hit it off. As time passes they form an unlikely friendship.

Mari’s life is upmarket, yachts, clubs, fine restaurants, nothing but the best and a complete contrast to Daphne’s hand to mouth lifestyle. Love is in the air, but are the two women just too different? It may not matter when Daphne hears news that may well separate them forever.

This book started off really slowly. The characters are well formed, but not very endearing. Not one of KG’s best. Star rating 3/5


Spanish Heart by Rachel Spangler

Twenty year old Ren Molson is a lesbian, she’s also a virgin and doesn’t know any other lesbians. She’s now on a trip to Spain and she’s determined to change all this.

Twenty four year old Lina Montero is a Spanish/American tour guide. She also has plans. She wants to own her own tour company.

What Ren and Lina don’t bargain for, is falling in love with each other. Will this be just another holiday romance?

A nicely written coming of age story telling of a young woman’s angst as she tries to find herself. Star rating 4/5


Mistletoe by Lyn Gardner

When Diane Clarke was four years old, she sent a wish to Santa. The wish finally arrived in Santa’s hands thirty years later after being stuck in the lining of a sack. What can Santa do? Only children can get a wish from Santa. Not only that, what could Santa have to interest Diane now?

After some consultation with a Higher Power, a compromise is made.

Diane will be attending three Christmas parties. Santa send his leading Elf armed with three sprigs of mistletoe. Will Diane finally get her wish from thirty years earlier?

A heartfelt, well written seasonal romance. Star rating 5/5


Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

Jennifer Kincaid, (Jen) gets lost in the snow on her way to a writers workshop in Lake City, Colorado. To top it all, she’s almost killed and cut off from the rest of the world by an avalanche.

Reclusive Catherine Ryan Barrett, (Ryan) is hiding away in the mountains to escape her family name. All she wants is to spend the winter alone in her cabin with her two dogs and to write.

When Ryan saves Jen from the avalanche, her peace is over. Jen will have to stay with her for the next couple of months until the snow clears.

The two women become friends after a while. There is also an attraction between them. Will either woman act on it?

The spring thaw sees a reluctant Jen returning to her home in Santa Fe and to the man who wants to marry her. Jen’s departure leaves Ryan with an acute sense of loss. Could love be in the air, or is it too late?

A well written typical Gerri Hill romance in the tried and tested formula. I loved the characters and the book. Star rating 5/5


Heart Block by Melissa Brayden

Sarah Matamoros is happy with her life. She had immigrated from Mexico when she was nine years old. She has an eight year old daughter, Grace and works at her mother’s house cleaning company.

Rich and successful business woman, Emory Owen, has just one ambition, to succeed. Her society upbringing has demanded nothing less than success and being the best.

When Sarah and Emory meet at Emory’s deceased mother’s house after Sarah is employed to clear the house, sparks between them begin to ignite. But Sarah is straight, isn’t she? Plus there is a vast difference in their social standing. Can love work between them with the class division? Then there is Grace. She has a heart complaint and hasn’t been very well. Can Emory accept an instant family?

A nicely written romance, with the angst of coming out to the world. Star rating 4/5


New books read over the holidays

Sidecar by Ann McMan Star rating 5/5

A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore by Ann McMan Star rating 5/5

Windy City Mistletoe by Barrett Star rating 3/5

Gingerbread Hearts Various Star rating 3/5


Old Favorites re-read over the holidays

Carly’s Sound by Ali Vali Star rating 5/5

Braggin Rights by Kenna White Star rating 5/5

Sheridan’s Fate by Gun Brooke Star rating 5/5

Wicked Good Time by Diana Tremain Braund Star rating 5/5

One Summer Night by Gerri Hill Star rating 5/5

Survival of Love by Frankie J Jones Star rating 5/5

Skin Deep by Kenna White Star rating 5/5

Brilliant by Ann Roberts Star rating 5/5

Waking Up Gray by RE Bradshaw Star rating 5/5

The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe by Patty G Henderson Star rating 5/5

Always Faithful by Isabella Star rating 5/5


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