Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fire and Ice by Ali Spooner

Irish Immigrant, Blackie Walker, struck lucky when she arrived in Boston from Ireland. She landed a job at The Hennessey Pub. A pub with a side line of ladies of the evening in what was known as The Hen House. The pub is run by Kayla, her twin brother Ray runs The Ring among other interests, the not so legitimate side of their business empire.

Blackie tends the bar and does numerous other odd jobs around the place, nothing is too much trouble for her. Soon Blackie is a loved and trusted, adopted family member. The girls, staff and customers all look up to her.

Blackie is secretly in love with singer Lily and when Lily’s life is threatened by a stalker, Blackie goes all out to help the Boston Police find the perpetrator. The case soon gets complicated though as the police uncover some evidence that sends all concerned reeling. Lily is not the only girl being stalked. In fact one girl has been sadistically and ruthlessly killed. Will the police find the killer before he strikes again?

When the police do find the evidence they need and make an arrest, it becomes apparent that the killer may get away with the murder by pleading insanity. What can be done to make the murderer pay for his sins? More to the point, who will make the murderer pay for his sins?

Enter Bella, a VIP business associate of Kayla and her family. If Blackie thought she was smitten with Lily, she’s doubly smitten and enchanted by the dark and gorgeous sexy Bella. But Blackie doesn’t consider herself to be good enough for Bella. The thing is, will Blackie be quite so enamoured with Bella when she finds out what she does for a living?

This book begins in late 1940’s Boston. It is a well written page turner from the first page through to the last page. There are many twists and turns along the way making it a one sitting read. There is a delicious romance sizzling away at the core of the story, hot and steamy too.

Each of Ali Spooner’s stories are varied and very different from any of her others. This makes her a master storyteller in my opinion. When I pick up one of her books, I know I’m going to get a good read. Her writing grows and improves with each book she publishes. Her characters are multidimensional and easy to get to know and love. The scenic settings of the story are so vivid, I could visualize and actually feel myself transported back in time amongst the characters, experiencing first hand the events that are playing out. A sign for me that the writing is good and the story enthralling.

I have been so taken with Ali Spooner’s stories, that I simply had to go and buy everything I could find that she’s written. I’m hard pressed not to read everything back to back. I believe that Ali Spooner is destined to become a big name in in lesbian fiction once readers discover her books.

There are a few odd typos, but nothing that detracts from the story and the price is so reasonable, that I can easily look past them. If you are looking for a great story, with some great characters and a comfortable easy read, look no further. Give this one a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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