Saturday, 17 November 2012

Taming The Wolff by Del Robertson

Notorious pirate Captain Kris Wolff is not what he seems. In actual fact, he is a woman. Not many people know this, least of all her crew. They would kill her for sure, they would never take orders from a woman.

When Kris and her crew abduct the DeVale’s, a noble born mother and her two daughters, she has no way of knowing she would fall head over heels in love with one of the daughter’s, the beautiful and alluring Lady Alexis DeVale. Alexis is engaged to be married to a Spanish nobleman, the result of a treaty agreement between Spain and England. But Alexis is falling in love with Kris. However, when Alexis discovers Kris’s secret, she’s upset and disgusted. No matter how disgusted Alexis thinks she is and should be, she can’t resist the seductive charm of the pirate captain. Will Alexis let her heart rule her head and go with her feelings?

Alexis is torn between her feelings for Kris and her loyalty to her family and her country. She betrays Kris and eventually her sister escapes and shortly afterwards her mother. Alexis has her chance to escape, but stays with Kris when she is injured.

It’s not long after this that Kris and Alexis realize they have a traitor in their midst, one of Kris’s own crew. Who is it? Will they discover who the culprit is in time to prevent their position being given away? Worse still, the traitor is in cahoots with Captain Jackson, the captain of the ship the DeVale’s were abducted from. He will stop at nothing to get his revenge and to destroy Kris and her crew. Will he succeed?

This book was published a while ago with a different publisher. It’s been completely re-edited. I am so pleased to see that it has become available again. This is a terrific, well written, swashbuckling pirate adventure, with a sizzling romance just for good measure. Although I read the first version of this book a few years ago, I was still unable to put the book down until I’d finished it. The story is fast paced and a page turner. The characters are multidimensional and they all interact well together. Although pirates are portrayed as vicious and notorious and Kris Wolff is certainly no different, there is a loveable and tender streak in her, that I couldn’t help but like.

The story is basically a pirate adventure with lots of blood thirsty battles. But smoldering away is an intense passion just waiting to erupt. Kris is obviously smitten with Alexis, but even though Alexis was disturbed to find out Kris was a woman, when she has her chance to escape, she doesn’t. She’s torn between Kris and her duty to her country. Plus she can’t imagine life with a pirate captain. She wants some sort of stability. Will she be able to tame the Wolff though?

From the scenic descriptions, I could lose myself totally in the story, to the point of being oblivious to all my surroundings. This book is one that I couldn’t wait to finish to find out the outcome, yet I was extremely sorry that it ended. I wanted more. Del Robertson writes like a well seasoned author. It’s been a while since the first edition of this book was published. I only hope we will see more from Del in the very near future.

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