Thursday, 1 November 2012

Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva

It was just another ordinary day when Dallas set off on her Harley for the city. Dallas had no way of knowing her life was about to change forever.

It happened on Bay Bridge, that’s when Dallas first encountered the man eaters. Of course, she didn’t know what they were then or what was happening. It’s also where she met a young gamer, Einstein and a cowgirl, Roper. Together these three set off to save themselves and others from the man eaters.

As the USA comes under martial law, Dallas, Roper and Einstein learn that it’s not only the man eaters they have to fear, but the military, who instead of protecting them, are hell bent on enforcing a containment program. They also have to fight off outlaw survivors, who will stop at nothing to disarm them and take their meagre supplies.

The whole situation has been playing out like a video game so far. This is where Einstein’s gaming knowledge comes in and helps to keep them safe.

Along the way they meet up with other survivors, some who can be trusted, some who can’t. Among the trusted is Butcher, she’s ex military and a medic. Their sole survival depends on their judgement of who they can and can’t trust. Mistakes are made along the way that cost them dearly.

Together this small chosen family comes to the conclusion that this plague is man made. The only way they are going to beat all the odds is to stay together, trust each other and fight to live.

This book is an absolute page turner from start to finish. An extremely well written, bloodthirsty, emotional, gut churning adventure of a fight for the very existence of mankind that had me feverishly turning the pages to find out what happened next.

Although Dallas is the main character, the rest of the group, Roper, Einstein and Butcher play almost as a large parts. All characters interact and mesh well together considering their vastly different back grounds pre plague. They work well as a team even when disagreements take place, which it’s inevitable they will.

This is far more than a run of the mill horror/zombie story. In fact, it has very real implications when you consider the way nuclear, biological and chemical warfare has developed over the years. Not that I’m saying we will have a plague of zombies, but it’s a very real fact we could quite easily have a plague of some other sort. Who knows what governments and terrorists hoard that may well cause chaos?

I enjoyed this book immensely and I am now chomping at the bit for the sequel. I haven’t exactly been blessed with patience, so sooner rather than later would be good. This will go on my re-read pile and I’ll read it again before the sequel, just to ensure I haven’t missed any juicy bits.

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