Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sullivan's Trace by Ali Spooner

Micah Sullivan, (Sully), is running the family horse business after the death of her father. Unfortunately, Sully’s lover, Alisa, Can’t bear the isolation, so she up’s and leaves Sully. Sully is left with a lack of faith in relationships and people.

Veterinarian Bryn Barton, is a childhood friend of Sully’s. She hasn’t seen her for many years. Bryn has returned to take over her grandfather’s veterinary practice as he is due to retire. Bryn had had a crush on Sully when she was a girl. Even just thinking of her now gives Bryn a nice glow.

When Sully and Bryn meet again, Bryn knows her feelings haven’t changed. But Sully is wary of love. When one of Sully’s prize foals is attacked by wild dogs, Bryn and Sully are thrown together in a desperate attempt to save the foals life. Strong feelings develop between the two women. Then another tragedy strikes. Will this bring Sully and Bryn closer? Or will it tear them apart?

This is a beautiful heartfelt story with a lovely romance and it’s set among the world of horses. Whether you like horses or not, the story is well worth reading. It’s not all about horses and nothing else. There is a lot about family relationships and family ties. Ali Spooner writes with a sympathy and understanding of personal trauma.

The two main characters, Sully and Bryn are multidimensional and interact so well together, it’s like a synchronized dance. They are fully supported by a terrific cast of lovable characters that enhance and progress the story along at a nice pace. Also central to the story is Sully’s niece, Kendal. Kendal is five years old, going on fifteen, she’s wise beyond her years and a delight to read about.

All too soon, this book ended. There are a few loose ends and the story ended rather abruptly, like there are some chapters missing. I’m hoping this is because we are going to see a sequel. I love the characters and the settings of this book and I haven’t read anywhere near enough about them. I want more please and soon.

There are a few typos throughout the book. Nothing that pulled me out of the story though. For the very reasonable price I paid, I can easily look past them. Top marks for another delightful read.

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