Friday, 2 November 2012

Short Snippets October Reads

One Touch by L.T Marie

Best selling author, Jaime Rivers, is persuaded by her friend Darlene into taking a ten year high school reunion cruise. Jaime is reluctant to go. Her high school days weren’t that great. When Jaime meets up with her ex best friend Sierra Connor, Jaime is hard pressed to keep her feelings to herself.

Sierra didn’t want to attend the reunion either. She had feelings for Jaime way back in high school, but at the time, pushed Jaime away. One touch all those years ago is still vivid in both women’s minds. What will happen between them now?

An enjoyable romance, short and easy to read. Okay to fill a couple of hours. Star rating 4/5


Love Match by Ali Vali

Parker King (Kong) is a top women’s tennis player. She’s also known for having her pick of women and being a womanizer. Parker is in training, she’s going after a title she’s never won before. She returns home to Alabama to train and get away from a threat on her life by people calling themselves the Soldiers of God. They don’t like her depraved lifestyle.

Captain Sydney Parish is an airline pilot. Her personal life hasn’t been going too well. She’s just getting out of a two year relationship from a woman who had cheated on her. She heads off for a vacation and finds herself being Parker’s neighbour. Having already had a run in with Parker, Sydney is apprehensive. Both women feel the pull of attraction. Will Sydney put aside her apprehension and give Parker a chance? Will the Soldiers of God carry out their threats to kill Parker?

A well written romance set amid the glitz of the tennis superstar world. A nice thrilling read. Star rating 4/5


10 Quick and Easy Salads + 2 More by Karin Kallmaker

10 Quick and Easy Salads

Cindy decides the way to get into her neighbor Jaycee’s bed is through cooking. But she can’t cook. Will salads do the trick?
A nice romantic short story.

Especial De La Casa

A woman thinks she’s going on a date, but it ends up being a business dinner. All she wants to do is to be with Lindy. Is it too much to ask? So she amuses herself people watching.
Hopeful romance.

Last Call

Rikki has six months sobriety, she is in love with the bar tender though. She has to choose between remaining sober or going to the bar each night and mooning after Nebraska. Which will she choose?
Romantic choices.

Three really short stories. Enjoyable, but way over priced. Star rating 3/5


Tales For The Holidays by Kate Sweeney

Come Away

Caoilainn Dempsey left the love of her life in Ireland. When she returns, she finds not only her old lover, but death and a banshee.
A lively terrifying Halloween story.

A Healing Time

Chris Hennessey and her lover, Lydia Spencer take a trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving to see Chris’s Aunt Jess. Chris hasn’t seen her aunt for years. The weekend throws up lots of old hurts and emotions. All three women face their pasts and look to the future. A future filled with love.
A nice warm Thanksgiving story.

The Gift

Rose Quinn is hiding away in her cabin in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. She is trying to come to terms with the loss of her lover. No Christmas festivities for her. When Emily Masters gets lost on the mountain and comes cascading in to her life, Rose lets her defences down. Emily is seeking a new life for herself. Will she find it with Rose, more to the point, will Rose let her?
A tale of romance that left me with a feeling that sometimes things happen that are more than a coincidence.

Three really nicely written stories for the festive seasons. Star rating 5/5


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