Monday, 1 October 2012

Submerged by Graysen Morgen

Scooter is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. She is currently the Executive Officer of the USS Lincoln, an attack submarine based near San Diego. She is well liked and has earned her rank and the respect of her crew. Scooter is also a lesbian and while she’s on shore leave, meets a woman in her sister’s bar. They have a glorious mutual one night stand.

When Scooter gets arrested and accused of a sexual crime by a female naval subordinate, Scooter is shocked to see the woman she’d been thinking about since their night together is the prosecuting attorney. What shocks and angers Scooter even more, is the woman ignores their night together and continues to prosecute her case.

Assistant District Attorney, Layne Carmichael hasn’t been able to forget the gorgeous woman she took home from a bar and had hot sex with one night. She would dearly like to see her again. She does, sooner rather than later. She has to prosecute her for a sex crime she can’t believe Scooter would have committed.

Will Scooter be found guilty or innocent? Is her distinguished career over?

Another really good, if somewhat short story from Graysen Morgen. The story is fast paced and exciting. The characters are multidimensional and interact well together. I don’t know much about submarines, but from the scenic descriptions I could easily visualize being on one.

As with all the other books I’ve read of Graysen’s this one has numerous typos and grammatical errors. If Graysen gets her books properly edited and drops the price, I think her books would be much sort after.

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