Monday, 1 October 2012

Venus Rising by Ali Spooner

After graduating with an MBA and in no hurry to decide on a career, twenty four year old Levi Johnson applies for a summer job bartending at an exclusive lesbian resort in the Islands. Levi is successful and gets the job and finds herself busy and enjoying her work and her life at Venus Rising. Levi is an instant success. The guests love her, she’s good at her job. Her new employers Nat and Liz are very pleased with their new employee. Life is great for Levi.

Simone, Nat’s sister and the owner of Sappho Cruise Lines, sets her sights on Levi. The two women quickly become inseparable. Both Levi and Simone are falling in love and seem to be heading in the direction of a permanent relationship. Until the day Simone shows herself in her true light. Simone has always been a player and just leaves the island and a broken hearted Levi with no explanation.

Vanessa is the Captain of the Sappho One cruise ship. When Vanessa meets Levi, she is smitten by her. But Levi is still nursing a broken heart. Vanessa sticks around and Levi finds herself becoming attracted to her. Vanessa becomes instrumental in healing Levi’s broken heart.

When Simone returns, she realizes she’s thrown away the best thing in her life. She isn’t going to let Levi go easily and begs for forgiveness. Who will Levi choose? The undependable scheming seductress Simone, who may break her heart again? Or the loving and dependable Vanessa who will do anything in her power to make Levi happy, including letting her go, if that’s what it takes?

This is the first book I’ve read by Ali Spooner, although I’ve had some of her books for a while. I’m only sorry I waited so long to discover what an excellent storyteller this author is. I really enjoyed this book.

The books centers around Levi, her job and her leisure time at the Venus Rising Resort. We read of the love triangle Levi finds herself being a part of when she falls in love with two vastly different women. All the characters in this book are multidimensional and are instrumental in the easy flow of this story.

There are many twists and turns and even the touch of an old curse to contend with. The book is chock full of red hot steamy sex and romance. A pure luxurious and easy read with some delightful characters.

There is a sequel, Neptune’s Ring, which I’ve already lined up to read.

Just one point I’m sorry to have to mention, the book could use an editor. Having said this, it isn’t so bad that it pulled me out of the story. For the very reasonable price, the length of the book and an excellent story, I can easily forgive this.

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