Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Short Snippets Of September Reads

Fugitives of Love by Lisa Girolami

Gallery owner, Brenna Wright, is always on the look out for new artists for her New York Art Gallery. When Brenna sees a stained glass window created by Sinclair Grady, she knows she’s on to a winner.
Sinclair Grady is a virtual recluse living at Permquid Point, Maine. She collects sea glass from the beaches and turns them into exquisite works of art.
When Brenna and Sinclair meet, both women feel the pull on their heartstrings. But Sinclair is hiding a deep, dark secret, which if revealed could have far reaching consequences for both women.
Another winner for Lisa Girolami. The book is well written, the characters well formed and the story is exciting. Far more than a romance, something to get your teeth in to. Star rating 5/5


Magnetic by Robin Alexander

After being dumped by Olivia, her partner of six years, Layne Stone does something totally out of character, she has a night of wild sex with a perfect stranger. Stacy Mayeaux woke up alone after a night of hot sex with a woman she’d met the night before. Stacy can’t get the woman out of her head. Layne and Stacy did not expect to meet again. When they do, it sparks off an embarrassing situation for them both. But the magnetic attraction between them cannot be denied, no matter how much they try.
I enjoyed this book, although I didn’t find some of the characters very believable and the book was lacking the depth and sparks Robin’s books usually have. Star rating 4/5


Month of Sunday’s by Yolanda Wallace

Rachel Bauer swore off relationships after being dumped by her long term lover. Her friends have other ideas though and try to set her up with celebrity chef, Griffin Sutton. Rachel has heard of Griffin’s womanizing and declines a date. Griffin won’t take no for an answer and asks Rachel to take a ‘month of Sunday’s’ culinary journey with her. Will Rachel fall for Griffin’s charm? What is Griffin’s long term plans for Rachel?
I loved this well written book and all it’s characters. The story was a delight to read. This is in my opinion, Yolanda Wallace’s best book ever. Star rating 5/5


Above Reproach by Lynn Ames

Public servant, Sedona Ramos is dedicated to her job, she is fluent in three languages and can pass herself off as a variety of different nationalities. She is a valuable asset to the National Security Agency. When Sedona makes a startling discovery from images of a nuclear plant in Iraq, she’s signed her own death warrant. Vaughn Elliot leaves her remote home and her exile after receiving an urgent request from Kate Kyle. So begins an urgent mission to keep Sedona alive and save the lives of countless millions of people. Will the task force succeed?
An excellent, well written, thrilling page turner. The second book in the Mission Classified series. I’m delighted to see the return of Kate and Jay from Lynn Ames’s earlier trilogy. This is an added bonus to a fantastic book. Star rating 5/5


Lucky by Storm

Artist Parker Lee is having a mid life crisis. She’s also lost her muse. Out of the blue she comes across Lucky, a Harley bike, falls immediately in love with it and purchases it on the spot. Parker decides to chill out for a while at her friend’s lakeside house. She sets off on Lucky, not knowing that her life is about to change forever. Parker’s granddaughter, Jackson, turns up unexpectedly. Parker is attracted to her married next door neighbor, Tricia. She also meets bikers, babes, backs and bunnies. But will she get her muse back?
A nicely written story which has lots of diverse characters, each one essential to the story. I’m not into bikes or art, but I did enjoy Lucky immensely. This book should especially appeal to bikers and artists but not exclusively. Star rating 5/5


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