Sunday, 5 February 2012

Third by Q Kelly

Historian Helen Franklin’s area of expertise is the Tudor times. Imagine her surprise when she receives a highly improbable inheritance from her father, scientist Josiah Franklin. Josiah gives her a woman. Not just any woman though. This woman is none other than Anne Boleyn, King Henry V111’s beheaded Queen. How can this be? Anne has traveled through time, that’s how. Helen can’t believe her eyes.

Yalia is Helen’s wife. Helen and Yalia are on the verge of separating. Yalia has not been herself since a traumatic incident in her life occurred three years earlier. Is this really the end of their marriage? They do still love one another, but sadly, this doesn’t seem enough.

Anne Boleyn is being kept a prisoner by Josiah Franklin. He maintains this is for her own good. Anne knows Josiah is dying and she is not looking forward to what will happen to her afterwards. How will she get on with Helen?

When Helen, Yalia and Anne all meet, they are all aware of a strange bond between them. Gradually all three women become aware that they are in love with each other. But all three women are nursing their own vulnerabilities. Will they be able to overcome them?

Will all three women take a chance and live their lives together? What will happen with Anne? After all she has come from the past. Will she be able to remain in the present? Or will she suddenly return to the past?

Once again, Q Kelly has surpassed herself with her ‘going where other authors fear to tread’ writing.

I wasn’t sure whether to buy this book or not when I read the synopsis. I liked the time travel idea, but I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to read about a three way relationship. But, as I’ve enjoyed Q Kelly’s other books, I decided to buy it and take a chance. I’m glad I did. Third is a well written, page turning adventure. Not at all what I expected. If the truth be known, I thought the book would be sleazy. But it’s not. Far from it. The way these three women genuinely care for one another comes through loud and clear.

Helen and Yalia’s situation is common. A failing marriage for one reason or another. It’s how they manage to stay together that’s unusual.

This really is a book on it’s own, like no other I’ve read. Unique in fact.

The story covers a lot of ground. Time travel, history, the past, the present, polyamory and romance. All seamlessly interwoven to ensure the story runs smoothly on. Once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down. The book ended all too soon for me. A sure sign I enjoyed it. I look forward to Q’s next book eagerly.

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