Monday, 13 February 2012

Come and Go by Lee Harlem Robinson

Lee Harlem Robinson had all the women she wanted, when she wanted them. That is, until she moved to Hong Kong for her job. It seems that eligible lesbians are few and far between in Hong Kong.

When Lee meets upmarket banker Stella Morales, a few months later, she falls head over hells in love with her. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t seem to be said for Stella. She betrays Lee and dumps her for a new young intern, CJ.

Lee’s life spins out of control. She starts hanging out with her single gay male friends and begins drinking far too much and her job begins to suffer.

Then Lee meets up with lawyer/photographer, Nikki. Nikki could be just what Lee needs to be able forget Stella and move on. But will she be able to? Although Lee likes Nikki well enough, it seems it’s not enough, she can’t let go of Stella. What will happen with Lee and Nikki?

With things going from bad to worse in her job, Lee’s boss and ex lover, Lucy, decides to fly out and pay a visit, in the hope of getting the company back on track. Will Lee succumb to Lucy’s charms again?

Lee is confused, her life isn’t her own anymore. She ends up sleeping with Stella again while she is with Nikki. Then there is Lucy added into the mix. How much will Nikki put up with? Will Lee ever manage to sort her life out?

This is Lee Harlem Robinson’s debut book. It is a delightful, delicious, well written lesbian drama/romance/chick lit. The book is set in Hong Kong, which makes a wonderful setting for a book.

The book centers around Lee and the lives of her mainly gay male friends. The characters are all well formed and easy to get to know, with nice interaction between them all. This is a story of love, loss and finding love again. With an added touch of humor thrown in for good measure.

As with most romance books, the path of true love never runs smoothly or with out hitches. This is not a typical ‘girl meets girl, girl loses girl, girl gets girl back’ romance however. It is refreshingly different. But we still get the desired effect that most of us look for in a romance, that happy ever after ending.

I look forward to reading more from this promising new author soon.

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