Friday, 3 February 2012

Paradise by Kate Sweeney

Genevieve Gastineau is a reporter in a tiny town in Wyoming after being fired by the New York Times. Genevieve needs desperately to get her career back on track, so she needs a really good story. After hearing about a reclusive woman living miles away from civilization way up in the mountains, Genevieve feels the pull of the break through story she has been waiting for. All she has to do is to convince her boss to let her go and investigate it.

Graham Sheridan is the woman living the lonely life in a cabin way up in the mountains. She is there alone for a variety of reasons.

Genevieve gets her own way and eventually meets up with Graham. An accident and a heavy snowstorm strand Genevieve up the mountain in Graham’s cabin for several months.The longer Genevieve spends with Graham, the more she feels unable to carry out her obligations to write the story. Genevieve cannot betray Graham, she has fallen in love with her and her feelings are reciprocated. Together they find themselves becoming as one, having strange dreams and fighting off an unknown evil. Could all of this be connected as to why Genevieve was fired and why she felt the need to write Graham’s story?

Once again Kate has written a winner. I was totally into this story from the first page. As always with Kate’s writing, I found myself laughing at some of the dialogue. The two characters, Genevieve and Graham are so in tune with each other, they are a true pleasure to know. The story is a delight to read. A really nice romance with a little touch of something extra. Excellent work Kate, as always.

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