Friday, 3 February 2012

Confined Spaces by Renee MacKenzie

Andie Waters day job is testing waste water samples for Royal Environmental a corporate company. In the evenings she works as a bar tender at The Cave, a popular meeting place for straight people. Andie has the two jobs to pay off her debts. She is quite happy being single, well, there is her faithful old dog, Xena as well. All this changes when the most gorgeous lesbian she’s ever seen walks into The Cave one night and Andie takes her home. What Andie doesn’t realize is that the woman she’s just spent a steamy weekend with, Kara Travis, is in town to shake up the company Andie works for. This also cuts both ways, Kara has no idea she might be having to fire Andie from her job in the very near future. Imagine the surprise for both women when they come face to face at Royal Environmental’s offices on Monday.

Kara can’t let her personal life interfere with her work. Especially when she discovers fraud within the company. If Kara has to shut down the Georgia division and Andie loses her job, it would seriously affect any relationship they may have. So, Kara has to put a stop to it before it goes any further. Both Kara and Andie find that easier said than done though. What will they do?

A nice believable story and it really doesn’t hurt that it’s romantic and hot in parts either. I got right into this book from the very first page and it held me until the last. This is Renee’s debut novel. I sincerely hope we have another book soon.

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