Friday, 3 February 2012

Conquest by Ronica Black

Jude Jaeger has a room in the Conquest Club she uses for pleasuring women. She is a lesbian and is not interested in having a relationship. She wants women for one thing only, to give them the pleasure and passion they can’t get elsewhere and with no strings attached. This works out fine for Jude until she meets Mary Brunelle one evening.

Mary isn’t like all the other women Jude pleasures and Jude finds herself reacting to Mary in ways she didn’t think was possible. Mary is shy and a loner. She had gone to Conquest after being set up by some work acquaintances. But Mary finds herself in Jude’s arms having the hottest sex of her life. Mary is desperate to meet up with Jude again and leaves numerous messages at the club which all go unanswered. One evening when Mary is in her language class, she sees Jude again. She is there in her official capacity of the Professor overseeing Mary’s class. Mary is now more determined than ever to pursue Jude again, no matter what the consequences.

Meanwhile, Jude is battling with her own feelings towards Mary. She can’t let go of her past though. She can’t become involved with Mary just to suffer more pain and hurt. Will the two women be able to get beyond sex to have a relationship? Will they even meet up for sex anymore or will Jude be strong enough to say no?

This book is so hot, it’s smoking and smouldering throughout. The book is fairly short, but very sweet and has a really nice story to it. So, if you like hot with a story and loveable characters, take this to the beach. Make sure you take a tent though!

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