Thursday, 1 August 2013

Landslide by Diane Marina

A Short story

Michelle and Rachel have been together for five years. Rachel has never had any reason to suspect that Michelle has cheated on her. As far as she knows, they have the perfect relationship. But her imagination runs away with her after she hears a radio broadcast about the signs to watch out for when your lover may be cheating on you. Michelle has been working late recently and receiving odd phone calls, then there is the smell of a strange perfume.

Rachel is devastated, does Michelle love her? Is she seeing someone else?

Michelle has planned a surprise Valentine’s weekend for them both. Will this weekend allay Rachel’s fears? Or will her heart be broken by a landslide of overwrought emotions?

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written poignant short story that is chock full of emotions that radiated off the pages. Both Rachel and Michelle are great characters and easy to get to know. I’d like to meet them again sometime.

The scenic descriptions enabled me to be a part of the story instead of simply reading from the page. Just for good measure, the story is sizzling hot. For a short story, there is a lot packed into it. 

I believe this is Diane Marina’s debut story and she’s off to an excellent start. I’ll be looking out for more from this author and I hope I don’t have to wait too long for her next story or book.


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