Monday, 26 August 2013

Sin No More by Syd Parker

A Gray Foxx Thriller.  Book Two

Detective Rebecca Foxx is enjoying some rest and relaxation time with her FBI partner, Special Agent Jordan Gray. When Jordan’s phone rings, it’s the signal for the end of their loving and yet another heinous crime for the two women and their respective work partners to solve.

Jordan has in fact received a frenzied phone call from her mother’s priest, Father Murphy. The murder of a prominent Senator has been committed in Father Murphy’s church. The hunt is on for a particularly sadistic killer. It is going to take all their staying power, ingenuity and resources to find the murderer.

Will Rebecca and Jordan find the crazed killer before he or she strikes again? The answer is no and the body count escalates.

Unfortunately, common sense flies out of the window when Rebecca decides the murderer is her arch enemy, Chicago’s much feared mob boss. Jordan isn’t convinced she’s right. Will common sense prevail so that Rebecca can put aside her feelings and logically sift through the evidence?

This is the second book in a great murder, mystery, intrigue and thriller series, with a slow burning, intense and delicious romance thrown in just for good measure. The series was off to a flying start in The Killing Ground. There are many of the same characters in Sin No More that we met in The Killing Ground. Both books can be read as standalones. But I would advise reading The Killing Ground first. Not only would you be missing a rattling good story, but you would miss the terrific character introductions if you skip the first book.

Sin No More is a page turner from the start. I simply had to finish it in one sitting. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Which didn’t matter that I was doing the story a gross injustice, as I knew I’d be re-reading it to write this review. The second read was just as great as the first, no pressure either to find out whodunit.

The story is fast paced and takes the reader through sacrificial rites, has biblical overtones and involves the mob. It’s an exciting and harrowing race against time to prevent the killer striking again and again.

The story is intricately woven and gruesome. From fairly early on I was convinced I knew who the killer was. But, with so many twists and turns, I began to question myself, but still thought I knew the murderers identity. Imagine my surprise when a final twist proved me totally wrong. This is what has made this book an excellent read for me. The fact that it is hot in places, didn’t hurt either.

I love the two main characters, Rebecca and Jordan. They work very well together. As a couple they are dynamite. Their relationship is so hot, it’s explosive. They have a very good working relationship with the rest of their teams as well, which enhances the story throughout.

Although this read is intense, there is the usual Syd Parker touch of humor throughout I’ve come to know and love.

I am always very sad to come to the end of one of Syd’s books. But, I know there will be another one eventually. This is another for my re-read folder.


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