Thursday, 1 August 2013

Graceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda Foster

After assaulting a teacher, Seventeen year old juvenile delinquent, Grace Waters, is sent to Sapling Hill, a boot camp for out of control teenagers. Grace isn’t at all bothered by the judges sentence, thinking that Sapling Hill will be a breeze. She soon finds out just how wrong she can be.

Joanna Carey, (Carey) is the senior instructor in charge at Sapling Hill. She sees potential in Grace and in turn tries her best to help her. Before Carey can help Grace though, Grace has to help herself. This includes divulging the dark secret she’s been carrying around with her for so long and letting go of her various demons. Will Grace ever get to the point where she will trust someone enough to open up to them?

Grace and Carey lock horns on many occasions. Both women are stubborn and there can only be one victor. Of course, due to Carey’s position, it must be her. Which doesn’t go down too well with Grace.

As time passes, Grace begins to see Carey in an entirely different light. Carey herself, finds Grace is getting under her skin in ways she never thought would be possible.

The meeting of Grace and Carey is going to change both their lives forever.

This is a reprint of one of my favorite books that I’ve read many times. I’ve loved all of BL Miller’s and Verda Foster’s books. Whether they write together or alone, they are both outstanding authors.

The story is fast paced and a page turner from the first page through to the last. I’d like to add in here, that there is nothing inappropriate at all between Grace and Carey while Grace is under Carey’s care in Sapling Hill.

There is far more to this book than a peek into a teen boot camp. Very real issues are dealt with in a sympathetic manner. It’s so good to see how Grace transforms from an out of control teenager, into a young woman in control of her life and her future. The growth pattern we see is tremendous.

Both Grace and Carey are well formed, multidimensional characters and are backed up by a wealth of equally as well formed secondary characters. The scenic descriptions and interactions between all the characters, leaves nothing to the imagination. I felt as though I was living out in Sapling Hill myself.

Even though I’ve read this book on many occasions, I still cannot put it down once I start it. I was so pleased when I saw that this was to be re-published and in ebook, no less.

I know this was written quite a long while ago, but I would dearly love to see a sequel. Both Grace, Carey and their family and friends have a lot more to say to us.


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