Monday, 15 July 2013

Nocturnes by JD Glass

A collection of short stories

Identity  (Standalone)
A short story as the title suggests about finding ones identity and what physical intimacy is about.
Short, sharp and to the point. A good kick off for the book.

Freshman  (American Goth)
Samantha Cray is in England after moving from the USA. She is visited by her close friend Fran after an alleged death.
A poignant and tender story.

Chemistry  (Punk and Zen)
Nina Boyd finds out all about herself and her capabilities when there is a confrontation at the women’s bar she works in. 
Sweet, hot and erotic

Deeper Than Skin (X) 
Charli and Anna are closer than just friends. But there are hidden secrets. Some Anna can tell, but some she hides. But.....what is the most important truth of all?
Secrets or no secrets, it didn’t stop an extremely hot and erotic encounter between Charli and Anna.

Breathing  (Red Light)
New Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT) Tori, is on a training run with two qualified technicians on a life and death situation. It’s a good job she had someone to console her afterwards.
A lovely short and hot story.

Possession  (Glass Lions)
Possession is about giving and not taking when it comes to love.
Hot, sweet and sexy. 

Flash  (The Chemicals Between Us)  A work in progress.
Gwen and Jules share a passionate history. Their visit to San Francisco goes very well for them both.
Hot and erotic.

Nadlehee  (American Goth)
A new danger is threatening all the people Samantha Cray loves. She’s still training, but learning has it’s price.
A touching and hot story.

Daisy Chain (Standalone, set after American Goth but before Punk and Zen)
Tells us more about Samantha Cray AKA Ann during the interim.
Chock full of steaming hot sex

This Is Not A Test (Glass Lion)
Set during the Punk and Zen Timeline. Fran’s point of view.
A nice short, sweet and hot encounter.

Bizarre Love Triangle  (Punk and Zen)
A band tour goes off track and Nina stays in Spain for a while. When her friends find her and join her, see what happens next.
Steaming hot and pleasurable.

Extremity/Extrication  (Red Light)
Tori and Jean are deeply in love, they decide it’s time to get married. This story is of their first night as a married couple.
In true JD Glass tradition, this is hot.

Claiming The Angel  (Standalone)
Told from Jean’s point of view some years after her and Tori married. A story of trying to find a way back again when all seems lost.
Heartfelt serious story

Triskelion  (Standalone)
Rather than give away anything, here is JD Glass’s take on this story:-
(Every now and again, the characters—who have become real entities in their own right—demand to be heard, insist that part of a story be told, even if it is outside of their usual modes of telling. This…is one of those, and an introduction to points of view and therefore a window into lives we’ve never peeked through before.)
A longer story with some favorite characters from the books.

I read most of JD Glass’s books several years ago and enjoyed them so much, they are on my re-read book shelf. Hard copies in those days, not ebooks. It’s been really great to see some of my favorite characters in these short stories. There is no need to have read the books first, the characters are easy to get to know. But I feel if you know the characters, it will enhance these stories for you. Or maybe you could look at it the other way round. Once you’ve read these stories, you’ll want to read the books. Either way, it’s a win, win situation. You’ll be getting some great books and getting to know some awesome characters.

These stories are well written and a quick and easy read. If you enjoy short stories with a heat factor off the scale at times, this is the book of shorts for you. I’d say a beach read, but you’d need to take a tent. Maybe a cosy night in would be better.

I’m looking forward to more from JD Glass in the near future.    






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