Monday, 8 July 2013

A Delicate Refusal by T.T. Thomas

Heiress Rosemary Parker Pryce is completely, utterly and madly in love with Victoria Anne Cabot-Jones. There is just one smallish problem with this, Victoria is married to David Cabot-Jones and he is not about to give her up any time soon.

Rosemary and Victoria both have health problems to contend with, so written correspondence is the only way to keep their love alive. Unfortunately, Rosemary’s eyesight isn’t good, so she employs January (Jan) Jameson to read and write her letters for her. The antics and outcome that ensues from this arrangement takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns with a lot of hilarity along the way.

As with all of TT Thomas’s books, I anticipated this one with eagerness and excitement. TT Thomas writes excellent, historically authentic, fictionalized novels of the highest standards. The fact that she writes in the lesbian fiction world is a true blessing.

This book is a thoroughly well written, exciting, romantic page turner from the very first page through to it’s dramatic conclusion. Oh, and just for good measure, it’s steaming hot in places too. But not in the usual way of a romance book. To find out my meaning, (no spoilers from me) you’ll have to read the book.

All the characters are fully formed, multifaceted and play well together. From the scenic descriptions of England as the country is on the verge of WW1 in 1914, I could immerse myself completely in the story and live it with them. A true sign of a talented writer. The tensions and fears that were running high at that time were radiating off the pages in waves. Coupled with the enticing dialogue which includes hidden family secrets, affairs of the heart and the meaning of a delicate refusal, this book is dynamite.  

This is a book that once started simply has to be finished. I couldn’t get through the book fast enough. For being naughty and doing this work of art an injustice, I had to read it a second time. A treat indeed. The second time I savored the story. Decadent and a true pleasure to read without the pressures of having to know what comes next.

I’m not sure if TT Thomas has anything else planned for these two ladies and their friends, but I would certainly love to read more about them.


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