Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Awakening by Yvonne Heidt

Book one of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy

Psychic medium, Sunny Skye, is the head investigator and founder of the Sisters of Spirits, a paranormal society. They specialize in helping people to understand what they can’t actually see. Sunny’s helped by her partners, Shade and Tiffany. Each woman has a slightly different role in their interactions with the paranormal.

Although Sunny is brilliant at her ghost hunting, she isn’t so good at running her own life. This is probably why she’s still single.

Tough cop Jordan Lawson, is in her own mind, a top notch cop. Jordan will trust only hard facts and herself. There is no way Jordan believes in ghosts. Not even when she comes face to face with one.

When Sunny and Jordan first meet, there is an instant attraction between them. But Sunny can see the demons Jordan is carrying around with her. Will Sunny be able to help rid the skeptical Jordan of her demons? Will Sunny even be strong enough without destroying herself?

Jordan is hiding deep, dark, secrets from her past. A past that may well ruin her entire future if she can’t let it go. Jordan can’t divulge these secrets, therefore, she can’t allow Sunny to get close to her. Will Jordan learn to trust Sunny enough to help her?

If these two women are ever to get together, the burning question is.....who will give way, Sunny or Jordan?

This is the second book I’ve read by Yvonne Heidt. Her debut book was excellent and I wondered if she would be able to top it with this new trilogy. She has. In fact this first book in the new series has got off to a running start. It’s a well written page turner from start to finish. A book I simply couldn’t put down and had to read late into the night.

The two main characters, Sunny and Jordan, are both well formed and multidimensional. There is a great cast of secondary characters all playing their parts to perfection in the progression of this story and interacting so well together.

Yvonne Heidt is proving herself to be a master storyteller. Her stories are based around the paranormal. They are mesmerizing and fast paced, keeping the reader intrigued throughout the entire book. This book is not a horror story. It can be read by anyone. There is an element of suspense and surprise, but it’s not at all scary. There is a nice slow burning romance too, just for good measure.

Although part of a trilogy, this book concluded and just left an opening for the next in the series, so, no frustrations with cliffhangers.

I’m now eagerly waiting for the second in this wonderful new series. I hope we don’t have to wait too long. This book is a re-read for me and I’ll do just that before reading the next in the series.

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