Friday, 1 February 2013

Ice by Lyn Gardner

Maggie Campbell and Alex Blake are both Detective Inspectors with the Metropolitan Police Service in London. England. They had worked together on a kidnapping case three years earlier. Although the case had a good outcome, the outcome for both Maggie and Alex was not good.

Maggie is a by the book, black is black and white is white detective. Alex is somewhat more of a hothead with a disregard for rules and regulations. She will do whatever it takes to solve a case, using threats of violence if necessary. This of course, doesn’t go down too well with Maggie. But this isn’t the sole cause of Maggie and Alex having a fight. Maggie is fighting inappropriate feelings for Alex. Feelings she thinks she shouldn’t be having. She’s never been attracted to a woman before and has no idea how to handle it. So Maggie provokes a fight. The fight results in suspensions for both women.

Three years go past, both Maggie and Alex take great pains to avoid one another like the plague. That is until the day comes when Interpol requests the services of Maggie and Alex to act as decoys. All they have to do is to take a plane ride, destination unknown.

Unfortunately, nothing is simple and tragically their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere in a raging blizzard. Their pilot is killed. Maggie is really sick and Alex is injured. Alex has to fight against all odds to find a way to keep them both alive. Will she succeed?

This book was an unexpected gem of a find. It was really well written and an absolute page turner from the first page right through to the very last. I simply couldn’t put this down until I knew the outcome.

This is a story of survival against a back drop of ice and freezing temperatures. The scenic descriptions had me shivering although I was cosy and warm in my home.

I loved both these characters, they are multidimensional and a delight to get to know. I particularly liked the way they set out hating each other. But out of hate as many know, comes love. I often feel there is a fine line between the two emotions. This is really well portrayed here.

It was a pleasure to read as Maggie and Alex’s story unfolded. They interacted so well together, even when they hated each other. The few other minor characters add to the story to progress it forward to it’s conclusion.

Then of course, there is the romance. Slow and burning until it comes to the boil. Then it’s hot, sizzling, smoking hot.

The story wasn’t predictable to me. I liked the tension throughout and the way the book concluded. I like to have all the ends tied up and they were. Although I have to say, I’d dearly love to see these characters again. They have a lot more they can say.

Lyn Gardner is a terrific new author. I’m looking forward to her next book eagerly.

This is a definite re-read, a keeper and will join the rest of the books in my favorites folder.

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