Friday, 22 February 2013

In Name Only by JM Dragon

Sequel to The Fix-it Girl

After the birth of their daughter, Tegan, Elise Ridge agreed to a marriage in name only with her beloved wife, Jill. Elise had screwed up. Their estrangement wasn’t what she wanted. She thought she could handle it, hoping against hope, that one day they would be able to repair their marriage and go back to the way things were in the beginning. Three long years later and it was beginning to look as though their marriage was over.

When Megan Dutton, Elise’s lover from twenty years ago suddenly turns up, Elise begins to question whether she should remain in a loveless relationship. Reluctantly, Elise makes the decision to move on. She loves Jill with all her heart, but she needs more, she needs a proper loving relationship.

Jill is still madly in love with Elise. She is questioning her own decision of the ‘in name only’ relationship. She can feel herself and Elise drifting further and further apart. Will Jill leave it too late to salvage their marriage?

Jill has to swallow her pride and reach out to Elise, she knows this. But doing it is harder than she expected. When Jill finally plucks up the courage to approach Elise, what will Elise’s reaction be this late in the game?

Two people, soulmates, have allowed outside influences to derail their love for one another. The questions are, will they continue drifting, is their love strong enough to make it a second time round, or will they call it quits?

This is the much anticipated, long awaited sequel to The Fix-it Girl. It’s here we learn of the outcome of Jill and Elise’s, ‘in name only’ pact.

As always, with previous JM Dragon books, I was pulled into the story right from the very first page and enthralled with the story right through to the last page. The story flows along at a nice pace. The scenic descriptions allowed me to lose myself in the story with the characters, to actually be amongst them as the story unfolds. Living the story, rather than reading it.

Both Elise and Jill are multidimensional characters, they are as different as night and day, but they are made for one another. Both women are so in love, the heat radiates from the page. Pride got in the way of their love and that pride has to be swallowed. It’s here we find out if it is swallowed and the choices that are made.

These characters are the same as those from The Fix-it Girl. Each and every one is essential in the progression of the story. There are emotional highs and lows throughout, written so that the reader can feel the angst or happiness. There is also a tender sweet romance, spiced up with some rather hot sex scenes.

Although this book concluded, I feel these characters have a lot more to say. It would be absolutely brilliant if JM Dragon wrote another book with Elise and Jill and their family. If any of you have read the Destiny series by JM Dragon, you will know that these characters are very much on a par with Catherine and Jace. Two wonderful characters that have stood the test of time. So, the more books, the merrier for me.

I eagerly look forward to another book from JM Dragon soon.


  1. I had been hoping for this but didn't realize it was really happening! Thanks for the review, I can't wait to read it!

  2. I'm sure you won't be disappointed Brooke.