Sunday, 3 February 2013

Short Snippets of January Reads

It’s Not Always Murder by Kate Sweeney

A Kate Ryan Mystery

Ryan, Costello and Winfield Investigations are a little bit too quiet at the moment. So Hannah has been hard at work getting their office looking like a newsroom from the 1940’s.

Peace is finally over when they get some new clients. Local business owners who have been having minor problems with vandalism. But of course, nothing ever remains simple when Kate Ryan gets involved.

Soon the team are embroiled in a mystery, but unlike most of Kate’s previous cases, no one is dead. So, it’s not always murder.

A nicely written Kate Ryan mystery with the usual laugh out loud Kate Sweeney humor. It started out a little slow, but warmed up nicely. Star rating 4/5


Murphy’s Law by Yolanda Wallace

Experienced mountain guide, Samantha Murphy, (Sam) has an excellent safety record. She’s been a guide for over ten years. She might not have ever lost a client, but she has lost the most important person in her life.

Surgeon, Olivia Bradshaw, hires Sam’s company to guide her small team up to the summit of Annapurna 1. Failing isn’t in Olivia’s vocabulary. This climb is for an important fundraiser and must go well at all costs.

Sam and Olivia are attracted to one another. But each woman has secrets and reasons as to why they shouldn’t be together.

Will they both see sense or lose their chance of true love forever?

I’ve read all of Yolanda Wallace’s books and I personally think this is one of her best yet. I loved the characters. The scenic descriptions are fantastic. The book is exciting and a page turner from start to finish. Star rating 5/5


Sea Glass Inn by Karis Walsh

Divorcee, Melinda Andrews, (Mel) has just bought the Sea Glass Inn on the Oregon coast. This is Mel’s chance to make something of her life after her unexpected divorce. All Mel needs now is someone to love. Someone she can be herself with.

Gallery owner, Pamela Whitford, (Pam) supports other artists whilst being unable to paint herself. Once an up and coming artist herself, she lost the will to paint after a traumatic break up.

When Mel and Pam meet, Pam can’t help her feelings, she agrees to paint Mel some pictures for the inn. Will Pam be able to keep her promise though?

Will either woman give in and take the second chance they have of love?

A nicely written romance, although a little unbelievable in places. However, the romance and emotions between the Mel and Pam is real enough. Star rating 4/5


Love, Sam by Linda Rettstatt

Trish Garrity and Samantha Preston had been together for six years when Sam died from cancer. Trish is grief stricken and heart broken. She has to come to terms with Sam’s death and face the future alone. How will she cope?

Trish found twelve letters Sam had written to her before her death. One a month for the next year.

Trish slowly learns to cope and find her inner strength that she always thought she’d got from Sam.

A well written story of profound love and tragic loss. A story of hope and finding the strength and the will power to carry on. Powerful and emotional. Star rating 5/5


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