Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Quickening by Yvonne Heidt

Book Two of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy

Psychic medium, Sunny Skye, is the head investigator and founder of the Sisters of Spirits, a paranormal society. They specialize in helping people to understand what they can’t actually see. Sunny’s helped by her partners, Shade and Tiffany. Each woman has a slightly different role in their interactions with the paranormal. This book is mainly based around Tiffany, her family and her ability to read people and places by touch.

The gift Tiffany has is good for the people she is able to help, but can also be a big drawback in her personal life, as she can’t allow herself to have much human contact. Tiffany manages to keep her life on an even keel. She has to as a single mother with a young daughter, Angel. However, when Tiffany meets Katerina Volchosky, (Kat), when Kat calls upon the Sisters of Spirits for help, her life changes dramatically in ways she never thought possible.

Kat is a reporter. She hates reporting on all the violence and she is determined to make this story her last. Kat has been asked by the police to act as a go between between them and the Sisters of Spirits to try to connect with a serial killers victims and provide clues and evidence to the murderers identity. When Kat meets Tiffany, she is convinced she is the flame haired priestess, Tanna, her soul mate, from her past. She’s been seeking her for years. Is Kat right? If she is, will Tiffany remember her past from centuries ago?

Tiffany has been having nightmares that she’s being chased through some woods. But, who is chasing her and why? Are her dreams part of reality?

Ancient curses abound and the closer the team get to the murderer, the louder and more frequent Tiffany’s nightmares become? Can the past be connected to the present?

As the case progresses, Tiffany is sickened, she is sure she knows who the killer is. If Tiffany is right, it could change her life and the lives of those she loves forever.

Another wonderfully well written, page turning book from the pen of up and coming lesfic writer, Yvonne Heidt. I’ve read all of Yvonne’s books and they are superb. This is one of her best to date.

I love this series. I love the characters, they are fully formed and interact so well together. Yvonne has included the characters from her first in the series, The Awakening, and skilfully written in new characters to enhance and progress this story right through to it’s explosive ending.

There is a perfect mix of mystery, romance and paranormal intrigue to keep the reader engrossed and invested in this series. This book will standalone, but I strongly advise you to read The Awakening first. You’ll get to know the characters and also have another great book to read and enjoy. 

This story took me completely by surprise. I never would have guessed how it was going to twist and turn, let alone how it would end. I enjoyed the paranormal theme running through the true to life cases these girls do their utmost to solve.

Unfortunately, this book has ended in a cliff-hanger. Not just a small cliff-hanger, but one where I am left devastated and bereft because I’ll no doubt have to wait a long time for the last in the series to find out what happened. I don’t do waiting very well. But then all good things come to those who wait. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Although I’ve read The Awakening twice, I will be reading it again along with this book before reading the last in the series. These are books to re-read and savor.



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