Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Interludes by JD Glass

Short stories

Fear Less
An erotic story of writing about love as opposed to just sex. Hot and steamy.

Punk Like Me – You Say It’s Your Birthday
Samantha and Nina have a birthday gift giving moment on the beach.
Short and sweet

First Blood – I’ve Got You
Samantha and Francesca have deepened their bond. But Samantha being the Wielder and dormant functions coming to life has an effect on her and Fran.
Scorching hot.

Glass Lions – Wild Thing
Fran and Nina go home together after a party and they do far more than just talk.
A nicely written sweet encounter

The Night Garden – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
Ann is the Wielder and has begun a relationship with Candace. Candace wants to know about the shadow around Ann.
A sexy and emotional story.

Punk and Zen: The Remix – Love Is...
Nina and Fran are in a relationship. When the past collides with the present, they reach out, showing how close and deeply in love they’ve become.
Emotionally charged story.

Con – Summertime
Jean and her family attend a fireman’s camp for their summer vacation. Jean’s best friend, Linda is also there. Feelings and emotions come to the surface and the truth finally comes out.
Tender and sweet story of hidden feelings.

Red Light – Saint Patrick’s Day
Tori and Jean are having a get together with Jean’s extended family on Saint Patrick’s Day. They decide they need some alone time and go off somewhere quiet.
A hot and erotic story of true love.

Punk Like Me – Homework
Nina and Kerry Find out how deep their friendship is, then have to try it out all over again.
Steamy and hot.

First Blood – Unspoken Truth 
Samantha and Fran enjoy a break from their training. While waiting for Fran to return with their drinks, Samantha gets to thinking. Although they claim not to be together, it’s more than apparent they are.
A hot story of being in love and being loved.

Punk and Zen – The ReMix Truer Words
After a phone call out of the blue, Fran and Nina have to confront issues they’ve avoided. Nothing can take away their deep love for one another though.
Hot and spicy.

Glass Lions – Crayons In The Box
A conversation at work and a misleading declaration makes Nina confused and unsettled. Fran is there to reassure her. Showing is always nicer than explaining verbally.
Sweet and hot.

Core Iss 2 – Running With Scissors 
Nina’s in Spain on her own. This is giving her time to think and assess where she’s been, where she’s going and who she misses and loves.
A reflective journey of self discovery.

Red Light – After The Shooting Is Done
Tori and Jean have to deal with a dangerous call and it’s aftermath as part of their jobs on the Emergency Medical Service.
An exciting story. Plus how far a person would go in the name of love.

X – Breaking Through 
Anna is in the middle of a rescue mission. When she gets a few minutes, her thoughts go on to Charli and the honesty of their recent exchange. Now she wants to reveal herself to Charli.
A story of getting to know and trust one another.

Interludes is a well written, eclectic collection of short stories, mainly starring the colorful characters from the books of JD Glass.

Some of these characters are old favorites of mine, some are new. All are fully developed, multidimensional and interact well with their counterparts.

On the whole, these stories are erotic, hot and steamy. But, unlike some erotica, there is an actual story being told, it’s not all about sex. So, if you are looking for some hot and steamy short stories, look no further. Plus, whether you’ve read any of JD’s books yet or not, why not start now to whet your appetite for more?


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